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It’s become our go-to bargaining chip.

“Big girls eat green beans.”

“Big girls go pee-pee on the potty.”

“Big girls don’t need pacis.”

Small Fry loves being a “big girl,” even if it means eating vegetables or having to say please and thank you. And there is no matching the look of triumph on her face at the sound of pee-pee actually landing in the potty. We high-five every single time. Because pee IN the potty, right?

She’s also doing lots of other cool big girl things, like chatting on her phone:

Watering plants with her very own yellow squirt bottle:

Making out the grocery list with Mommy:

It’s exciting and fun, but also sort of startling. Because it seems like just yesterday she was my luscious little baby, all fat rolls and gummy smiles.

So sometimes I just want to scoop her up in my arms, squeeze her and whisper in her ear.

Hey now big girl. Slow down a little bit.

I need to catch up.



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  1. It’s like we just blink and get to this place. Luckily you are her best friend and she’ll always need you in some way and that won’t ever really change.

    She’s such a doll!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Keagan home from the hospital and suddenly he’s running into my arms with a great big smile on his face. It goes so fast, but it’s so much fun on the way.

    • You’re so right — it IS a ton of fun!

  3. She looks so grown up in that last picture!!

    • Right?! That’s the one that really got me. Had to do a double-take.

  4. My little baby started to crawl yesterday, he’s got a tooth, we found out last night he’s too long for his sleep sacks, and we have to switch out his infant seat in the car soon to a convertible car seat. It’s all too much, too soon. It seems like yesterday we just brought him home from the hospital. Seeing him grow is wonderful and amazing, but the last few lines of your post made me get a little weepy. I wisper every night to him to not grow up too fast.

    • I hear you, girl! It’s amazing how FAST they grow. Everyone told me it would happen like this, but I wasn’t a believer. Until now.

      Hang in there!

  5. i feel the same way! S is getting all long and lean (er). I miss the pudgy rolls and the squishy-ness that was, like, yesterday!

  6. big, BEAUTIFUL girl! oh my word, she is a stunner. simply lovely.

    isn’t it crazy how strong the urge can be to plead with them to just SLOW DOWN?

    and isn’t it funny how they NEVER seem to listen?



    • Thanks for your sweet words, lady! And, you’re SO right. Small Fry doesn’t listen to much of anything these days. 🙂

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