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There are two very different types of mornings in our house.

On weekends and days that I’m home with Small Fry, mornings are peaceful and made up of good stuff like pancakes. On the three days a week that I report to the office, mornings are a complete zoo. And I am never on time.

So, when I read this week’s You Capture theme, I knew exactly which type of morning I wanted to try to photograph. Because taking pictures during a busy morning means that I’d likely drop the camera in the toilet or forget to diaper my child.

I had hoped to capture what I see as soon as I open Small Fry’s bedroom door: a sweet, smiling girl peering at me from over the crib rail. But on this particular morning, Small Fry was most definitely not in a good mood.

So I put the camera down, opened her window and let her ease into her day. The morning light in her room is just beautiful. Hazy and mellow. Gives everything (especially her) a diaphanous quality.

I love the little pom-poms on her curtains, and almost every time I pull them open, I think fondly of shopping for the fabric with my mother-in-law. And my big pregnant belly. Much of Small Fry’s room is handmade or repurposed, and that makes me happy.

After some banana pancakes and a few twirls around the cul-de-sac in her big-girl bike, Small Fry’s mood improved. A visit from Laura and Baby O was the icing on the cake.

What are mornings like in your house? How do you handle the chaotic ones? Any tips (or tricks) on how to get a toddler moving? I’m all ears.

And for more morning photos, stop by I Should Be Folding Laundry today!



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  1. I love this, and how sweet are those curtains!!!
    Here is my morning shot.

  2. Save those pom poms and fabric when she outgrows that decor… use them to make something she can take to college with her.. maybe a pillow cover or a memory quilt.. something like that 🙂

    • Awesome idea, Jean! Thanks!!

  3. I love the first photo, she looks like she has a halo! And I love the little pom-poms! So cute.

  4. Oh… and make one for yourself, too!!

  5. WOW. The first shot is nice, but the second is AMAZING. The pom-poms are cool, too. I love how it looks like the curtains are walking like a caterpillar. Of course, I may just have caterpillar on the brain. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hey there! Great post. Mornings on the weekdays are SO chaotic and getting Collin and I out the door on time is always a struggle –no matter what we do! But now that I’m about to start a new job and need to be in the office by 7:30, Heath gets morning duty 🙂 He’ll definitely have a wake up call! I LOVE our lazy, pancake weekends too.

  7. Those curtains are so cute! My daughter needs some new curtians, maybe I’ll do something similar.

  8. aww love that 1st one and those curtains are adorable! I don’t think my son would like pom-poms so I would be making some 🙂

  9. Cute pictures – Her curtains are so bright and pretty!!

  10. That seems like a very nice morning. And I don’t think I’ve been on time for work in about two years.

  11. looks like such a lovely morning for you!

  12. Such great shots – I love the light in her room too! And those pom-poms are sweet. I have no great advice to offer….. except food usually improves everyone’s attitude ’round here!

  13. Oh, you’re right. The lighting is perfect and coming through those precious curtains makes it ALL the better!

    I have no advice for getting a toddler moving because I have ABSOLUTELY NO problem in that department… 😉

    • Dang! I’m jealous. You must share your secrets. 🙂

  14. I love the first shot with the sun pouring in. I also like the curtains! That’s awesome that her room is made of handmade or repurposed things. Any photographs of that room?

  15. Love that first shot, too cute! Love the curtains!

  16. i also work three days a week so we leave the house at about 7:20 on those days. I pack the car with Solo’s school clothes, backpack, my coffee, his breakfast (non messy, diced fruit or toast) then literally at about 7:18 i pick him up, he pees and i load him in his seat. He does his waking up during the 20 minute drive to preschool!

    • Smart plan! It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in so little time. Sounds like y’all have a great routine. Thanks for sharing!

  17. ps. that first picture is awesome!!!

  18. I love the first photo! I wish that I could offer advice on getting toddlers moving, but I’m still dealing with that problem in my preschooler! Thanks for visiting my blog, btw.

  19. Love that one of the curtains…so colorful.

  20. I love the sunlight in your photos, and the curtains are so, so cute!

  21. Love those photos, and yes, those curtains. Also her hair is killing me.

    • You are too funny! I just can’t bring myself to cut that hair. Might just have to let it grow to her ankles. 🙂

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