First haircut

09/20/2010 at 4:27 pm | Posted in Small Fry, snap happy | 18 Comments
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In the latest installment of freak-mommy-out-because-I’m-growing-so-fast, Small Fry got her first real haircut on Friday.

I’m still crying inside.

This child was born with a head full of hair. Thick dark hair that spiked straight up in the back. I used to call her my little Liza Minnelli. It kept growing and growing, and we found innovative ways to keep it out of her eyes, including the famous sprout phase.

People kept asking, “When are you going to cut her hair?” And I was all, “NEVER. You can’t make me.”

Until it just got too long. Impossible to keep back. Getting caught in all sorts of places (like the armholes of her shirts).

It was time.

So I took her to one of those cute over-priced kiddie salons and the mean lady cut off my baby’s curls. Or, as it happened in reality, the lovely hairdresser patiently and sweetly gave Small Fry a new ‘do.

Here’s how it went down. Photos of mommy crying not included.


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  1. Big milestone! What gorgeous hair she has! She’s so beautiful. Looks fantastic before, during AND after! (; XO!

    • Thanks, lady! You’re always so sweet.

  2. That hair is FANTASTIC, both before and after. What a beautiful girl. I remember my mama doing fun things to my long, long hair as a kid as one of the best parts of childhood.

    • I definitely need to get more creative! Recently discovered that I still have my french-braiding skillz, which was a nice surprise!

  3. What are you talking about with “my long long hair as a kid”. I’ve seen the pictures. You had a bowl cut. Laura, back me up!!!

    • Wrong Suzanne, wise guy! That’s what you get for calling out the bowl cut. 🙂

  4. Jeff…you got the wrong Suzanne…but I will agree, she did have a bowl. =) San, love the pictures…S. Fry’s all serious…but still curious, peeking out to catch a glimpse. Love it! That place looks awesome…do they do adults too?!

    • Isn’t she funny? She didn’t smile the entire time. She was so stoic. Probably afraid to move, if I had to guess. 🙂

  5. She’s got beautiful hair!!! What a big day for you guys!

  6. Great pics! I love the one with her peering out.

  7. Such pretty hair! The photo of her looking out at you is so sweet. You’ll have to take a French braid photo soon to share.

  8. Aww, she looks like such a doll! My heart melts with you!

    And why can’t we keep those gorgous highlights forever? Free of charge. :o(

  9. that would be a tough one with a baby girl. hugs momma! she is beautiful.

  10. I love the look on her face in the first photo – what are they doing and why am I here? I was going through old albums this week and saw pics of my “little” ones’ first haircuts….wow, time flies! Beautiful cut!

  11. Those two darling curls in the way back must have been sooo hard to say goodbye to!
    Pls tell me they’re in a babybook, right?

    She’s adorable!

    • YES! I totally dropped to the floor and scooped them up. Even had a ziploc bag with me. 🙂

  12. She does have the most amazing toddler hair of all time. Well, it’s a tie with my Nola’s curls.

  13. Oh, wow, too cute to handle on a Saturday morning!! He hair is gorgeous.

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