Beach, I still love you

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Hi friends!

We haven’t disappeared. I promise.

Just busy getting back into the swing of things after one of the most eventful beach trips ever.

It started out just like all the others, with a smiling, sunblock-lathered toddler and all the fixins for a week of relaxing.

But the universe had other plans, and we woke up on our second day to this:

Which resulted in this:

And guess who left her brand-new birthday camera out on the porch during the monsoon?

Thank goodness for my trusty case. I still can’t believe (and am thanking my lucky stars) that it completely protected my camera from any damage.

Our cottage wasn’t so lucky.

The roof sprung about a bunch ofย  leaks, and the house shook so violently on a couple of nights that I curled up tight in bed praying that it wouldn’t topple over on its stilts. And checked on Small Fry every ten minutes.

Rain for a whole week. After one of our hottest, driest summers ever. It was nuts.

But we made the best of it. And snuck outside as often as possible.

Because you can’t not have fun at the beach, right?


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  1. When I saw the weather report I said a little prayer for your family. So nice to see you made the best of it. What a lovely place to make memories. I don’t like Kansas right now! :o)

    • You are the sweetest! Thanks for thinking of us. Hope things in Kansas start to look up soon!

  2. Thank goodness you are all ok!
    PS. Love the picture of small fry on the staircase!

    • Thanks! Yes, I really can’t complain when I’m at the beach. Even in crappy weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Looks like you made the best of it. LOVE Small Fry’s tiny painted toes! I can’t wait to paint Laura’s!

    • Thanks! You’ve officially inspired me to get off my tush and write about Small Fry’s pink toes. Been meaning to do it forever. Was a bittersweet moment for mama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ohh, Small Fry on the staircase! I swoon.

    • I am dying for you to meet her in person. Dying.

  5. i love your pictures. the stair picture? unbelievable. She is so lovely.

    • Thank you! She was a big fan of the staircase ALL WEEK. Couldn’t resist getting a shot.

  6. your little girl is one of the most striking creatures i’ve ever laid eyes on. looks like an amazing trip! these photos are adorable, thank you for sharing them with us! xoxoxo!

  7. Was it as eventful as the trip when the Rainbow Wave Riders was founded??? Wheeee!

    • Rainbow Wave Riders! We must reunite SOON.

  8. Looks like everyone has beat me to it to say that the picture on the staircase is utter perfection!

    Glad you had such a blast. Gotta love the beach!

  9. It looks like a LOT of fun!! You can’t really tell from the photos that it was bleh outside. Looks like everyone was happy and having a good time. Who cares about rain-rain-rain when you are in good company, right?

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