State Fair 2010: culinary odyssey with the Deputy and her Assistant

10/19/2010 at 11:55 am | Posted in About town, just plain fun, snap happy | 11 Comments
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Y’all, I ate this.

A cheeseburger between two glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.

Well, I didn’t eat the whole thing. But one-third counts, right?

And the weirdest thing of all (weirder than a donut cheeseburger)? I didn’t hate it.

Using the State Fair’s cool Food Finder, we scoped out new delicacies to try in advance of our trip. While old friends like ham biscuit and hot dog beckoned (and won our attention. burp.), we bravely ventured out of our State Fair food comfort zone. A few times.

I don’t know why I closed my eyes. Made sense at the time.

The Deputy and her Assistant took a more cheerful approach:

Next up?

Deep-fried bacon and cheese mashed potato bites, also new to the fair this year.

While the potato filling was a little bland, the spicy cheese sauce made up for it. And, really, who doesn’t love cheese sauce?

Always up for a challenge, the Deputy ventured next for Frito pie. Which came nestled in its very own little Frito bag:

We capped off our adventure with some old favorites: a chili dog for the Deputy and deep-fried Reese’s Cups for me. Because it’s a State Fair requirement to eat up until the very minute you leave, right?

I’ll leave you, dear readers, with a word of caution from the Deputy and her Assistant. Don’t ride this after you’ve eaten all that:

*Have you been to the fair yet? What are you planning to eat? Do share!



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  1. Do you still have heartburn from all of that???

    • YES! And I’m still full today. 🙂

  2. Wow those potato balls sound great. I’ve never spent time at a state fair myself (stopped in for a James Taylor concert only). I’d like to go try everything.

    The festivals where I come from are heavily on the Italian side so I like gorgonzola crisps and sausage and peppers.

    • Gorgonzola crisps? Sounds amazing!

  3. Deep-fried bacon and cheese mashed potato bites??????? OMG. I WANT. I NEED.

    Our fair is known for their cream puffs and it is truly a well-deserved fame. They were DELICIOUS.

    • Cream puffs sound like the perfect finish for a Krispy Kreme burger. 🙂

  4. Yikes! But it looks so good. That deputy and her assistant…they look like mean business!

  5. OH.MAH. LAWD….I don’t think that I could stomach even putting that donut/cheeseburger thing in my mouth. So weird.
    You must have balls of steal 🙂

  6. LOL! I think you love the fair enough for us both. But next time you go, wanna bring me back some fried apple fries?!

  7. Just found your blog! Hello from another NC blogger! I love everything about the fair. Did a post today on the fun we had if you are interested in reading!

  8. Oh. Ew. You did it? You really ate part of that cheeseburger thing? Wow. I’m totally impressed that you lived to tell. Thank goodness you only had 1/3. Or else you might not be blogging with us today! EEK!

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