Candy from every house? Suh-weet.

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Happy day after Halloween!

I had lofty goals of loading this post last night, but I could barely keep my eyes open through The Amazing Race.

Small Fry had a blast trick-or-treating. It was so cool seeing how much more into it she was this year than last. Although, I had to clear up a little confusion early in the night. After the first bit of candy landed in her treat bucket, Small Fry started telling people she already had candy and didn’t need any more. My little altruistic ladybug.

After I explained that it was okay to accept candy at every house (and that mommy loves snickers bars), she was all GAME ON.

Here’s our Halloween in photos. Hope yours was awesome!



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  1. So cute! I think she’s the perfect age for Trick-or-Treating – cute enough to gets tons of candy but not old enough to notice when Mommy eats a bunch of it!

  2. Thank you for sharing a wonderful parade of costumes, pumpkin carving…& all the joy of getting lots of candies!

  3. SO ADORBS!!! You’re right – the yellow poppy clip is perfect with her ladybug costume! P wore a blue one with her garden fairy outfit. (;

    So glad your beautiful little one had a great time Trick or Treating! Such sweet photos & memories.

    Happy Halloween! Xoxoxo!

  4. Adorable!!! Did you make her costume? I love it. And this mama was pretty happy to see a snickers land in Oscar bucket too 😉

  5. OMG- VERY CUTE (all caps were necessary).

    Looks like you guys scored on the Laffy Taffy. Hope you got lots of Snickers too. It’s funny but people kept wanting to give me candy for the baby. I was like, OK, and picked out my faves. haha.

  6. love it! what a sweetheart! love the pic of her and daddy hand-in-hand.

  7. Aw, such a cute little ladybug!! So adorable. And the part about not “needing” more candy? Haha, so cute (:

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