Steppin' Out: mountain getaway

11/14/2010 at 8:48 pm | Posted in oh the places we go | 13 Comments
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Ruffle top: Gap
Stripy cardi: Gap
Jeans: Gap maternity
(I have a Gap habit, apparently)
Tweed flats: Target

I’m a little squeamish about posting this photo because I look HUGE. Like, I think my hips have already started spreading, and my thighs right along with them. My face looks puffy. And the belly? I actually tried to suck it in.

But wait. I’m 14 WEEKS PREGNANT. Duh.

I will not look like myself for quite a while. And that’s okay. Awesome, really. Because it means that my body is busy creating another human being. And if that human being happens to want fried chicken every day? So be it.

In the spirit of Steppin’ Out, I couldn’t resist shoving my camera at Marc shortly after we arrived in the mountains this weekend, to get a shot of me wearing something besides yoga pants.



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  1. You look adorable and not at all huge. Know how I know? You still have a neck. One day I’ll get mine back & participate in SOS too.

  2. i happen to think you look lovely. not even close to huge. and i love ruffles! xo!

  3. You look great! Far better than I can hope to on a regular, non-pregnant day! 🙂

  4. You look beautiful & ruffly & glowing.

  5. You DO look beautiful! Ummm, and I have a Gap habit too 🙂 Love to shop there.

  6. Wait, pregnancy is the ONLY time when we don’t have to suck it in! You look beautiful!

  7. Thanks, y’all!

    Self confidence = restored.

  8. Hot mama! You look great!!

  9. You look GREAT – and one can only hope that baby will want fried chicken everyday….or icecream….or pizza……or anything Mexican!! 🙂

  10. First off, I totally miss you sis and can’t wait to hear about your weekend. Secondly, you look very happy and relaxed and thus, very beautiful! Gap should be paying you to look so damn good in their clothes!

  11. HI there! I found your blog on Top Baby Blogs and it’s lovely! I am your newest follower Nice to meet you!!! You can find me at
    Have a peek at my all handmade giveaways if you stop by. Everything is gorgeous!
    CONGRATS on your pregnancy. I’m 31 weeks now:)

  12. you look adorable! 14 weeks is a hard place, but you are rockin’ it!

  13. you are crazy lady! you are not huge by any stretch of the imagination!
    i love those flats btw!

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