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11/23/2010 at 3:16 pm | Posted in family | 4 Comments

I am one proud big sister!

Well, I’m usually always proud of Laura. And protective. So much so that she used to give me Mother’s Day cards. But since we’ve both had children, our relationship has changed. In a good way. Meaning: Now that I have an actual kid to mother, I’m a less overbearing big sister. At least I like to think that’s the case.

So, what has me all puffy chested over my little sis? Her NEW BLOG!

Laura is so very talented with a needle and thread, paint brush, glitter … whatever you put in her hands, really. And she’ll use her space on the Web to show us her projects, share tutorials, and dish on her favorite recipes (she’s as creative in the kitchen as she is in her craft room).

Oh how I can brag!

But, really, what I like best about Laura’s site (besides the photos of adorable baby O) is that she’s keeping it real. She talks about what goes wrong with her craft projects, the mistakes that happen and how to fix them. Hers is not one of those craft blogs that will make you feel inadequate by its perfection. Because we all know that not every project is flawless, right?

I hope you’ll stop by Laura’s blog and show her some love. She’ll still be contributing over here as she has time. And you also can find her on the Twitter.

Yay sis! So proud.



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  1. wonderful! so proud of laura too 🙂

  2. wow, thanks sis! you are my bloggy guru. thanks for getting me set up and being my i.t. gal, and styling my header, and answering my questions and basically, for making the blog happen. you rock! even when you’re overbearing. love you!

  3. Thanks for the link-up to her site…thanks to you both, I found what I’m making for dessert for tomorrow…cranberry applie pie! Yum!

  4. Way to go! Love the recipes.

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