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Sunday was a monumental day in our house. And weird.

I remember putting together Small Fry’s crib (rather, watching Marc do it while I ate  a snack) like it was yesterday. I was hugely pregnant. In fact, she was born less than one week after we assembled it. Little did we know we wouldn’t actually need the crib for another month or so. But still. I wanted to get that sucker ready.

Taking it down Sunday just about broke my heart. I ambushed Small Fry to capture forever the sight I usually see when I open the door to her room after she wakes:

She looks pretty broken-up over losing her crib, huh?

My folks gave us a bed that hadn’t been getting much use in their new home, and we are so grateful. The headboard is from my childhood bed. And the beautiful quilt was made by Small Fry’s Auntie Julie. She hand-embroidered each of those little creatures. Isn’t it amazing?

Julie’s mom embroidered the adorable sham, and I found the fish pillow ages ago at Pottery Barn Kids. Been holding onto it for this very moment. The polka dot bed skirt is a recent steal from Target.

I think it’s safe to say Small Fry totally loves her new bed. And mama loves all the snuggling. I’ve already fallen asleep in it a couple of times this week. It’s a dangerous thing, letting a constantly sleepy pregnant lady get horizontal. I could doze off on the kitchen floor if you’d let me.

I was so worried about this big transition. About Small Fry adapting. And she’s doing beautifully.

We coordinated the arrival of the big-girl bed with a visit from the paci fairy, who brought Small Fry a rad Handy Manny toy in exchange for her pacis (to be given to babies all over the world who need them, of course). Everything went off without a hitch, and she hasn’t seemed to notice that her beloved pacifiers are gone.

Of course by writing this, I’ve officially jinxed us.

Since some of you have asked to see more of Small Fry’s room, I thought I’d throw in a few extra photos. We’ll keep making little changes to her space as the baby’s due date approaches. You know, to big-girl-ify it even more.



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  1. LOVE! Does Julie make and sell those quilts?

    • I imagine she’d consider a commission project for a friend. 🙂 Let me know, and I’ll give you her contact info!

  2. I Love it! You know I don’t know that I have ever seen her room in person which is funny considering the number of times I have been to your house. So happy to hear operation “ditch the paci” went well and I hope the big girl bed transition continues to go well!

  3. Oh my gosh! So cute!

  4. so wonderfully impressive as usual…please tell Small Fry that santa came by here last saturday and left several special items for me to send her for christmas because he knows she will like them better from her grandad…santa said he has other special ideas he will do himself for her 🙂

    suzanne, i am enjoying your new photo in the black maternity one piece outfit…there is a strong resemblence here that i haven’t seen before between you and laura san giacomo, one of my favorite actresses…quigley down under…just shoot me tv series…don’t know what she is doing lately…blessings, r

  5. That quilt is BEYOND amazing and the room is somehow totally, completely, exactly how I imagined you would decorate Small Fry’s room. Charming and bright and beautiful!

    • Thanks, lady! That’s the highest compliment — I tried really hard to build a room that expressed her personality. Let’s just say our girl loves pink and orange. 🙂

  6. Adorable room! Congrats on the easy transition!!

  7. Wow, what a big girl!! And what an adorable big-girl room! No wonder she is doing great… with a room like that, who needs a crib?!

  8. You brought tears to my ears. I love you and Small Fry too!

  9. Oh Suzanne –She is SUCH a big girl!! The photos are adorable. Her room looks great. So I’m curious –do her books stay on her shelf? We have issues with Collin pulling ALL of his books off his bookshelf when he’s trying to find one. The kid’s got a lot of books and most of the time they’re in a pile on the floor 🙂 Have a great week!!

    • Every now and then, she’ll get the urge to sweep all of the books off the shelves. But, for the most part, they stay put. Probably because we read THE SAME ONE every single night. Despite my attempts to work new books into the rotation. 🙂

  10. What a fabulous quilt! She is so talented & you’re so lucky that she gave it to Small Fry! The room looks great. Glad she’s transitioned so well for yall.

  11. so sweet! glad the transition went smoothly!

  12. How ADORABLE! The handmade comforter is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I would love one just like it please! J/K

  13. Ack! Too fast…can you make her be a baby again please?!

    The room is just awesome! So bright, cheerful and fun! Julie, as always, impresses me with her amazing talent and creativity. How lucky Small Fry gets to be wrapped up in all that wonderfulness!

  14. It’s a wonderful room & I want one just like it!!
    A note about the quilt… (I made one for my baby girl 26 yrs ago) I saved scraps from it to make her Christmas stocking… she loves it still today!

    • So cool, Jean! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing the pic!

  15. We gave our crib to a friend about a year and a half ago (when my little one was 3). She’d been in a big girl bed for a several months. I started crying. It’s the end of an era, the end of all possibility of another baby that did me in. The kids do much better with the big girl transitions than the mommas!

  16. Adorable. Her big girl bad is so adorable! It was such a hard transition for my son and it took all the fun out of it. It is adorable, all of it and your style, love it!

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