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This blog is my love letter to Small Fry. And a celebration of all things happy.

But today? I need to use this space for something that’s been weighing on my heart.

Sweet Bella.

She had radical knee surgery last week, and her recovery has been a rough go. It’s so hard to see my normally active and happy “puppy” (who can jump as high as I am tall) moping about the house, whining about her cone, shaking with nerves during her physical therapy and generally feeling very discontent.

She is pitiful.

So am I.

Bella was my first baby, after all. My foray into adulthood and all that it means to nurture another living creature. As a puppy, she was hell-on-wheels. There were times (achingly similar to my postpartum weeks) when I’d hide in the bathroom, crying.

But then she grew up before I knew it and quit chewing on the walls. She loves nothing more than to bolt across the beach and plunge into the surf. She’ll chase down a tennis ball, but usually isn’t very interested in bringing it back. She LOVES to lick, as anyone who’s ever visited our home knows well. Bella will accost you the moment you walk in.

And she is going to be fine. I know she will.

It’s just difficult to watch her suffer. Like on Saturday, after she managed to tear into her stitches overnight and had to have her wound stapled shut. Marc took her to the vet that morning and managed most of her care over the weekend because I just couldn’t handle it.

As each day goes by, her condition improves. The swelling and bruising is almost gone. The wound (thank God) didn’t become infected. She still hates that dang cone and trembles during her physical therapy, but she’s figured out how to get comfortable when she needs to rest.

I’m grateful that the worst seems to be over. But the road to full recovery is going to be a long one. And I have got to find a way to become at peace with it.

Starting here, with this post.

I already feel a little better.



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  1. Aww this breaks my heart. She looks so much like my lab border collie mix Harley. Hope she gets better soon!

  2. that is tough. our puppy had a really hard time following her spay surgery and it was so hard to see her so pathetic and in pain. hope she feels better really soon!

  3. Poor Bella :(. I know how hard it is to see your first baby in pain and struggling. Hugs to you and I hope she mends quickly!

  4. Saying a prayer for that sweet puppy.

  5. Just read about Bella. These wonderful creatures bring so much happiness into our lives…just be there for her…she is always there for you! Your presence and soft touch can do wonders.
    Love, Nana

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