My little can of Pepsi

12/19/2010 at 3:45 pm | Posted in baby sunshine, pregnancy | 14 Comments
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Say hi to the baby!

We had our big ultrasound on Friday, and it was just awesome. Small Fry was enthralled for about 15 minutes, then ended up making a bunch of friends in the halls while her dad walked her around.

I was enthralled the entire time. And a bit nervous.

Because of my “advanced age” (35, ahem) the ultrasound was very thorough. We saw more than I ever imagined. And the tech kept using the word “perfect.” Thank God. The baby is about 12 ounces big. The size of a can of Pepsi, our tech said.

He also said I have “the cervix of a 20-year-old.” Which I will totally be bragging about for the remainder of this pregnancy. And possibly longer.

We resisted the temptation to find out the baby’s sex. It took every single bit of will power I possess. Totally worth it.

Because we’ll be in for the ultimate surprise in May.




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  1. no worries.. I was 35 when I had my one and only baby girl.. now 26! It’s ALL good 🙂

  2. So glad everything went well! Can’t wait to meet lil pep 😉

  3. I love ultrasound pictures. So glad everything went well. I have my 20 week scan on the 29th and I can’t wait to hopefully get a perfect report also.

  4. So cute! Glad eveything is ok despite “your advanced age” lol. Oh and I would totally brag abt the 20 yr old cervix too!

  5. I’m glad the babe is perfect!!!

    & come on, May!

  6. Perefect as can be…swoon!
    I am glad you didn’t find out 😉

  7. Oh hon, I’m so excited for you! I’m glad everything looked perfect with your pepsi :). And good job waiting on the gender. I soooo wanted to wait last time but I just couldn’t stand it! I bet it’s a girl 😉

  8. Yay for a perfect pepsi can!! Go you & your young cervix. :P. Hurry up May~ can’t to know if its a brother or a sister for Small Fry!

  9. I turned 35 about 2 months before Pippi was born, but still got the full “AMA” treatment — I think it’s something an OBGYN made up to torment us. Glad all is well!

  10. That is great news! I admire your will power 🙂 I would have cracked.

  11. your willpower is impressive. how exciting! so happy for you!

  12. […] can’t believe this pregnancy is halfway over. And, boy, seeing the baby on Friday made it so much more REAL. And totally made up for the weeks and weeks of […]

  13. I didn’t find out with either of my girls! It was the best decision, because it was so much fun to have everyone guess (and the barrage of “WHAAAA? Why aren’t you finding out?” was always funny) . It was hard, but worth it!
    Congratulations on everything going well. :o)

  14. AMAZING! I was so tempted to not find out. I felt like it would be the only real surprise left in my life that i could have! A real surprise! I am so excited for you and your family. So glad everything is going well! Miss you!

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