A Christmas miracle

12/21/2010 at 10:52 am | Posted in Bloggy, Love | 1 Comment
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I’m going to join throngs of other bloggers writing about one of our own, Jenny Lawson. She is the voice behind The Bloggess and is probably the most hilarious person I’ve ever met in my life (at BlogHer, when I nearly tripped into her lap). Her blog is incredibly popular, and she’s something of a celebrity in our little world.

She’s also a miracle-worker. Although I’m positive these words would make her cringe.

Last week, she wrote a blog post offering $30 Amazon gift cards to the first 20 people who left comments expressing their need. People who couldn’t afford Christmas for their children. PLEASE READ THIS POST. You will be astounded by the gigantic wave of generosity that followed Jenny’s initial act of kindness.

Not only are those first 20 families being helped, but many, MANY more. To the tune of $22,000.

It’s just incredible.

And it gives me hope.

People want to help each other. And no matter how many times I get cussed out from behind the wheel of some other car sparring for a parking spot at Target or get shoved once inside (yes, this actually happened), I will remember Jenny’s miracle and smile. And act with kindness.

We all should.


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  1. That’s what’s amazing about the season. People getting together and helping out others in need.
    It should be like this all the time 😉

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