Comfort and joy

01/05/2011 at 5:11 pm | Posted in family, just plain fun, Love, Small Fry | 5 Comments

Our Christmas was nothing short of awesome.

Small Fry got over her fear of Santa with just one glance under the tree on Christmas morning. She tore into her gifts with a gusto that made this mommy proud. (Unlike last year when she painstakingly carried around wrapped gifts ALL DAY. Mind-boggling.)

She had been asking for a “big baby” and Santa delivered. When she realized what was underneath that wrapping paper, she let out a squeal that brought tears to my eyes. I have always loved giving gifts. Especially when you know you’re really going to make someone happy. But this? Was the best ever.

For the first time since I can remember, we had a white Christmas. The snow started that night and kept up clear through the next day. It was beautiful.

We built a “happy new year” snowman, did a little sledding (’til the pregnant lady chickened out) and took Bella for a stroll around the yard. Bliss.

I can’t tell you how much I loved being home with Marc and Small Fry. Even when we lost power for a little while during one of those snow days. Because that just called for a peanut-butter-and-jelly picnic by the fire. Naturally.

Christmas was simply wonderful.



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  1. What a beautiful family! Glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. Ahh how delightful! I just uploaded my pics today (finally!) and need to work on my recap. I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  3. Thank you for sharing – what a truly lovely Christmas!

  4. There’s nothing quite like seeing that joy and wonder in your children! Wasn’t the snow beautiful?! It’s the first white Christmas I’ve ever had, and I simply loved it.

  5. The pictures were just beautiful…you have a lovely family. The best part is that you got the snow and I did not. Was able to travel from Ohio to PA to see John and family for Christmas !!!

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