The Situation (Part 1)

01/11/2011 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Belly to Butterfly | 7 Comments

(Belly to Butterfly is back! YAY. These columns are written by my sister Laura, who also authors this lovely blog.)

Having an 18 month old child is all about attention and need. She wants my attention at all times and I need a break.

I’ve been asked by various people lately what my day is like as a stay-at-home-mom. In a nutshell, we: wake up, eat, dress, find some activity/errand/distraction until lunch, play some more, nap, snack, play, dinner, play, bath, comb hair, clean ears, read books and bed.

All throughout the day I attempt to fulfill all of O’s needs, a lot of her wants, and most importantly, try and anticipate them before she gets ticked off. It’s kind of exhausting in this weird way. You don’t really realize how much energy you’re exerting until you’re nodding off during the dancey-dance on Yo Gabba Gabba.

Truthfully, I hate the way I sound and think when I say I need a break…it seems so selfish and silly. But it’s hard being somebody’s everything…or at least their a-lot-of-thing. Sick? I’ll drink some Emergen-C and carry tissues. Bad mood? I’ll wear a smile for you and take deeeep breaths. I’d rather sleep in past 6:30am? No problem, I can make you breakfast instead. I want to check a quick email? Yes, let’s look at that video of you and Small Fry at the beach. I need to pee? Sure, you can stand next to me and pat my leg. I want to take a minute to decide what shirt to wear so I feel a little less Ambush Makeover worthy? Let’s pull all of my shirts out and throw them on the floor …fabulous idea!

I miss weekends where there’s an end to my work week. It all blends together until I realize I’m totally spent, physically and mentally and it doesn’t really matter what day it is because I’m still working.

When Carter comes home it’s a big relief because now there’s another pair of eyes and ears. So when O’s trying to kiss the cat on the mouth or she’s standing on the toilet to reach the tissue box, I’m not fully responsible for the scratch or the tumble. But still, it’s not completely a break because she wants me when she does tumble and she wants to show me what they’re playing with or what silly Daddy is doing now.

Moms get the best and the worst of their children. She wants me all the time and she wants me…all…the…time.



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  1. Oh yes I am RIGHT there too. Yesterday was especially trying when Oscar was into every “no no” item and then when it was FINALLY bedtime, couldn’t fall asleep without me lying there. Even when I am exhausted, it’s pretty hard to ignore cries of “mommy snuggle you!”

    • It’s amazing how “no no” items draw them in like magnets…she’s on them faster than I can say “freeze!”

  2. I’m stay at home mom today due to the snow, and it’s been both endearing and wonderful spending time with Lila but also hard to keep her entertained and do things for myself. It’s not easy being Mommy. 🙂

    • Today was a loooong day! I think we were both spent with each other by the end of it!

  3. UGH! right there with you. today was a very rough one for us too. i’s new thing is not coming and hanging out while i pee, but standing in the doorway and inexplicably freaking out and screaming to where he almost pukes!! what the what?!! thanks for phrasing it perfectly, laura. and tomorrow is another day…

    • i might tattoo that on my arm as a reminder! (the tomorrow part…not the puking part! =) whenever she yells like that i just pretend she’s yelling “yay, mommy rocks!” instead. sounds a lot better.

  4. […] (Belly to Butterfly is back! YAY. These columns are written by my sister Laura, who also authors this lovely blog. To read Part 1 of this post about being a stay-at-home-mom, click here.) […]

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