We're not torturing Dora. Really.

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Poor Dora. This is what happens when a poop explosion of mighty proportion coats everything but the cars sitting outside in the driveway. After scrubbing Small Fry I came downstairs to this sight, and it made me laugh out loud. Marc is so clever.

Our tag-team effort on Saturday was worthy of live television coverage.

After I entered Small Fry’s dark and very pungent room to discover that our little lovely had slept in a giant smear of poo, I hollered for Marc and we sprung into action. Usually this big a mess will startle Small Fry awake. Not this time.

The poo was everywhere. Hair, fingers, eyebrows, crusted to the soft skin on her back.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But whatever logic my brain could summon kicked into gear, and I picked her up as gingerly as possible and hauled her off to the tub. Marc tackled sheets, bedding, pillows and lovies. Including Dora.

Confession: the accident was (mostly) my fault. I forgot to change Small Fry out of her big-girl panties and into a pull-up for naptime. Since she’s been potty training, she saves up all of the good stuff for sleepy time and usually wakes up with a load in her pants.

It’s gotten so bad that she’s constipated herself by withholding (which the doctor assures us is normal), and we’re graced with a poo-storm every three days or so.

She pees in the potty like a champ. But there’s something about dropping a deuce that scares her. Or embarrasses her. We’re not sure. Again, the doctor says it’s normal.

He also said to back off on the poo-in-the-potty talk and give her some time.

AND. Don’t forget to wrap her little butt in a pull-up while she sleeps.

Lesson learned.

Sorry, Dora.



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  1. Aww… Dora needs a little workout sometimes, too! That other issue is deja vu… when, at the same approximate age, my now adult child was horrified at what was about to occur re: her backside. “Withholding” is exactly what she did with as much terror as she could endure. This too shall pass… 🙂

  2. I had a poop painter when T was smaller! She liked to use it as body paint, wall paint, anything I can touch while still in my crib paint…Oh how I don’t miss those days!

  3. How funny —poor Dorah. Collin will not go #2 in the potty either. He’s great about number 1 and every time he goes, he says, “point it down.” 🙂 he he he

  4. oh my goodness! that is awesome! dora is a survivor – not to worry! 🙂

  5. Oh that’s terrible! b’s only accident was by his doing (taking off his diaper and dropping his cargo under the pillow) at nap time.

    He also withheld and the problem got very bad. He took Miralax for a while and that was that. I wonder what’s so scary to them?

    • I’m glad to hear that y’all tried Miralax too. That’s what the doc said to give SF for the next week or so (“to clean her out”) and I’m afraid it’s going to cause even more poo accidents. But at least she won’t be in pain with this constipation. Thanks for sharing! Makes me feel better. 🙂

  6. omg. OMG. i SWEAR i’m laughing WITH you, not AT you. poor small fry! and poor parents! nothing worse than an epic poo-splosion!

    the photo of dora is too much. i’m still having giggle aftershocks.


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