Glucose test VICTORY

02/04/2011 at 10:20 am | Posted in baby sunshine, pregnancy | 5 Comments
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I don’t know why I was nervous this time. Maybe because of all the Cook-Out milkshakes and chocolate chip cookies I’ve been tossing down there to Baby Sunshine.

But I passed! With flying colors.

I’m still a little queasy from my syrupy orange cocktail, and I almost fell asleep in the waiting room, but I’d chalk this up as a pretty awesome doctor’s visit.

All of my numbers look good, and Baby Sunshine’s heartbeat is galloping at a healthy rate. How I love that sound!

What a nice way to start the weekend.

Hope yours is happy!



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  1. That’s great Suzanne!! I had to take my glucose test a total of 3 times (on 3 different days) because I kept throwing up the orange crap. I had to throw away my white jacket I was wearing –ha! Glad you passed without incident.

  2. Good for you, Suzanne! The funny thing about this post is at the bottom it tells me I might also like your post about food at the State Fair, featuring the Krispy Kreme cheesburger. I’d hate to take a glucose test after one of those.

  3. Awesome news! Hope it kicks of a great weekend~ full of milkshades & cookies & anything else you’re loving right now!

  4. Oh the syrup. How dare they call it soda. :oI

    Congrats on the news! Have a super weekend!

  5. Oh, that swooshing, magical heartbeat. One of life’s most beautiful sounds. Congrats!

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