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Dear Small Fry,

I can hardly believe that you are three years old today. Really — it’s stunning. I remember exactly how it felt to hold you for the first time, swaddled tight and red-faced. I remember the feeling of awe.

And I am still in awe.

You are my smart, funny, beautiful girl. And as you grow, you become smarter, funnier and more beautiful. Every day it’s something new. You know how to keep your dad and me on our toes!

I love that you give big bear hugs and kisses right on the lips. That when you get excited, you jump up and down. That your favorite food is still cheese. That you think farts are as funny as I do. And that you like to snuggle in bed at night. I also especially love your newest thing, which is to tell me you want to whisper something in my ear. When I lean in, you push my hair aside and whisper “Guess what? I love you.”

I still can’t believe that you know so many words, much less speak in complete sentences. You can do so many things by yourself, and just today, you buttoned your coat quicker than I could fasten mine!

We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl.

I love you,



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  1. Aww – Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Small Fry! I can’t believe you’re three either!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Small Fry!! You are so adored!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! 3 is a great year.

  5. So sweet– happy birthday, Small Fry!

  6. Happy birthday, sweet sweet girl!! I hope you have a great time being three and that you keep being beautiful, smart and healthy. Keep smiling. xxo, andrea & bresho

  7. Happy birthday Small Fry!! So glad turning three was such a happy day!

  8. I hope your sweet little lady had a very Happy Birthday, complete with jumping up and down. How cute is that???

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