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02/15/2011 at 11:01 am | Posted in just plain fun, Small Fry | 12 Comments
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I love to read blogs. Especially those written by people I actually know in real life. Like Mandy. Her blog, Harper’s Happenings, is one of my favorites (take a peek — you will fall in love). Sweet Harper is irresistible. And Mandy is just plain hilarious.

When she published an interview with Harper recently, I loved getting to hear Harper’s sweet voice and her adorable answers to readers’ questions. And I thought to myself, Small Fry would totally dig this. And now that she’s a freshly minted 3-year-old, she has lots of wisdom to share. Lots.

So I wrote Mandy, who graciously gave me permission to steal her idea. And now I’m asking you, lovely readers, to play along!

Have a burning question for Small Fry? Like who her favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character is, or why the sky is blue? Ask away! She might even sing for you. I have a feeling this could become very entertaining.

Just leave your questions in the comments below, and we’ll get working on our video interview.

Can’t wait!



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  1. When the baby Sunshine “hatches” is it going to be a girl or boy?

  2. what does she want to name her little brother or sister?

    what is her favorite food?

    what does she want to be when she grows up?

  3. What is her favorite thing about herself?

    About Momma? Daddy? The pup?

  4. I also want to know what she wants to be when she grows up?

    What is her favorite animal? Favorite song? Favorite bedtime story?

    Love, your neighbors

  5. I want her to sing some Beyonce!

  6. Disney Princesses or Disney Fairies – which is better?

  7. What’s her favorite food? Least favorite food? What’s her favorite thing to do with mom? Dad?

  8. Does she see herself marrying G? 😉

  9. Forget Beyonce, how about some Alicia Keys! And you gotta show off some of those dance moves.

  10. What is her favorite color?

  11. If she could do anything she wanted to all day long, what would she do? Where would she go? Who would she take with her?

  12. Do you have a nickname for the baby? LIke what does she refer to the baby in your belleh as?
    My eldest niece (3 y/o at the time) called my youngest niece (while in utero) “flashlight” …and we still never know why!

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