The 2011 no-hate Oscar fashion recap: lovely lavenders

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Mila Kunis at the Oscars 2011

Confession: I fell asleep before any of the big awards were given last night.

I missed PS 22 singing their hearts out. I loved James Franco’s and Anne Hathaway’s video at the beginning of the show, but I just thought the rest of it was kind of, well, boring.

Except for the fashion, of course!

I’m a big fan of color, like Jennifer Hudson’s outrageous orange, and Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning red. But my favorites of the evening? The prettiest shades of purple.

Natalie Portman at the 2011 Oscars

Scarlett Johansson at the 2011 Oscars

Hailee Steinfeld at the Oscars 2011


Which looks were your favorites? What did you think of the show? Should I have stayed awake?



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  1. I don’t think you missed anything. I thought the show was boring this year. James Franco barely had a pulse for the entire show. Anne Hathaway seemed to be trying to overcompensate for her lack of a living co-host. I usually love watching, but this year I barely paid attention. I did love Natalie Portman’s dress!

  2. Dear ScarJo,
    Go brush your hair.

  3. Colin Firth’s acceptance speech was my favorite part. I’ve always liked him. Also liked Billy Crystal’s bit.

  4. Oh my gosh I JUST realized that my FOUR favorite dresses (the ones you pictured above) are ALL in the purple family. Maybe that’s why I liked them? (It’s also the color my bridesmaids will be wearing).

    Beautiful!!!! (Especially Mila Kunis!)

    • Totally! Hers was my favorite. Your wedding is going to be gorgeous — I’ve loved following along on your blog!

  5. I loved Jennifer Hudson’s dress and how stunning she looked in it. Not many could pull that off. I also loved Reece Witherspoons look but the second I saw the dress and gasped “she raided Julia Roberts closet!” I still love her.

    And I love the purples too! Its my favorite color.

  6. i thought natalie portman was radiant – of course! I didn’t watch much of it, so I couldn’t really tell ya anyone else… Oh! Oprah looked pretty dang good! 😉

  7. I liked the girl from True Grit’s dress. It was perfect for a preteen; not sexed up like a lot of younger girls seem to do.

    • Couldn’t agree more! So refreshing. Also: it just looks fun to wear! 🙂

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