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old radio

I think this is my first You Capture post that doesn’t include a photo of Small Fry. On purpose.

In order to stretch myself a bit more for these photo challenges, I thought it might be a good idea to shy away from my number one photo subject every now and then.

So when Laura and I ventured out to the flea market on a blissfully warm Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t resist snapping shots of what technology used to be. An old transistor radio. A beat-up velvety turntable. Can you imagine a time when these were radical breakthroughs? Kind of like how our great-grandchildren will feel about the iPad.

I wanted to take more, but my stomach prevailed and we had to cut our visit short. Still having a hard time staying up on my feet with this pregnancy. Such a bummer.

The flea market is such fun. Not only for the treasure hunt, but also for the people watching! Next time, I might just have to grab a lemonade and plop myself in a cushy antique chair to watch the action. No one would kick a pregnant lady to the curb, right?

For more technology shots, check out I Should Be Folding Laundry today!




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  1. nice take on the theme! i’m going to include your transistor radio in my round up of faves this evening at 7:00. check it out! 🙂

    • Cool! Thanks. Can’t wait to check it out!!

  2. I LOVE your technology pictures!

  3. These are great, and innovative! And your post made me laugh because I specifically posted on my blog about how it was hard to figure out how to include my own number 1 photo subjects.

  4. I like how you captured these technology relics, which somehow have a glamor despite the rust and decay.

  5. Oh, these are fun!

  6. Great shots – love the “retro techno.”

  7. I love the colors in these! Seems like so much technology these days is so very black and white. And I love the idea of hunting for technology at a flea market. So creative!

  8. Love the retro technology! Things like that used to be so much prettier!

  9. Browsing through You Capture posts – these are great! Really like the take on the prompt, and these are very cool photos.

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