Dear TV

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(Belly to Butterfly is written by my sister, who also authors this lovely blog).

Dear TV,

I’m sorry I was such a snob and pretended I was a better person for not watching a lot of you.  I hope you didn’t take it personally when we downgraded our cable package.  We certainly miss those higher channels…it was us, not you.

I wanted to thank you for the little moments of peace you bring into our daily lives.  You know that little creature that likes to stand right in front of you and smile at her reflection?  Yes, we know sometimes she licks you…we’re not sure what that’s about. Well, anyway, she is awesome but she can cause us to want to pull our hair out sometimes…like when we’re making dinner and can’t figure out a way to hold her and open a can simultaneously.  So being able to plop her down on the couch and turn you on is a lifesaver.  My Dad recently put it best, “As long as it’s a means to an end, and not the end.” Because of you, she can dance, clap, learn numbers, colors and why you shouldn’t bite Foofa, instead of trying to remove sharp knives while we’re emptying the dishwasher.

Now, if we could just find a way to get Sports Center and HGTV without paying $30 more dollars a month we’d be the happiest bunch on the block.



Ps. We’re really, really sorry for those times Sandwich peed on you.


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  1. You have me laughing out loud. We’ve watched the “don’t bite your friends” song multiple times in our house 🙂

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