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Oh, I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Mama’s going to the beach!!

This little vacation has been a huge light at the end of the tunnel for me. Our long, cold winter has felt even longer and colder with my “morning” sickness. Green is not a color I wear well. Especially on my face.

And this girl is ready for some SUN on her face. Or some TV rays, if I don’t feel like getting up off the couch. (It is ACC tournament weekend, after all.)

Here are a few goodies from the interwebs that made me smile this week:

The first month of being a mother, by Naomi at Rockstar Diaries

Make a toy dump truck out of an egg carton. How cool is that?

This shot from last weekend’s lovely blogger baby shower.

– Discovering a fabulous North Carolina photographer

Toys with a purpose (via

Also: a little warning. I might take a few (dozen) photos this weekend. That I might post on this here blog. Because I am a camera dork.

I hope you have a happy weekend!



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  1. Have a fabulous time my friend!!

  2. Have fun at the beach!!

  3. Enjoy! I love that you just called yourself a camera dork.

  4. Tell OIB I said hi & see it Easter! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    PS~ I’m now your shoe twin. 🙂

    • Yay! So glad you found the shoes! I think I wore mine to work every day this week. 🙂 Easter at OIB sounds so fun. Should be a lot warmer than it is now!

  5. Jealous, jealous, jealous! I am so itching for a day at the beach..have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to see pictures!!

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