Reaching 18 months…two months ago

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(Belly to Butterfly is written by my sister, who authors this lovely blog).

As is the way of my world these days we were late for O’s 18 month checkup.  Regardless of these immunization milestones (can I get a “Hepatitis A…whoop whoop!”) she is still cranking along and adding new talents to her 36 ¾” frame.  Right now she:

– likes to take your hand and lead you to spots only she can fit (i.e. wedging us into our closet seems to be her favorite).

– pats her bottom to let us know she’s pooped and then takes off running when we attempt to change it.

– loves putting stickers on herself and promptly tearing them off…she can frequently be found with a horse head or cow foot stuck to her shirt.

– taps the ground where she wants you to sit…often so she can read a book or play with a toy near you…heaven forbid you should actually want to read the book or play with her.

– is a slide addict…we go to weekly tumbling only for her to spend the majority of the time on their slide which in turn makes me wonder why I’m paying for tumbling when we could just go to the park.

-says “mum” instead of “mom” (I think she’s just as excited for the royal wedding as me!) and holds lengthy conversations (that sound a lot like “bzzz, bzzz, bzzz”) with you where you feel like a complete idiot for not being able to understand and thus, properly respond.  We do a lot of “no kidding!” and “tell me more” trying to buy time…although I think she’s on to us.


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  1. Some of her antics…they won’t go away for a while. My son is two and wants us to sit near him as he plays but has a fit if we try and actually play WITH him! And the diaper thing..oh yes, loves to run after telling us he’s dirty. Good times!

    • Man…I guess we’ll get to play with them on the sly! My husband does really great sound effects when he plays, so she seems to tolerate him a lot more. I’ve got to work on that!

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