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Carbs and I have always had a deep, fruitful relationship. We’re thick as thieves.

But this pregnancy has taken our bond to a whole new level.

Bland carbs in particular are the only way I can make it through any given day. Bread, pasta, potatoes, crackers, cereal. Even the breading on Bojangles fried chicken. Just kidding. Not really.

One of my favorites? A staple that got me through many a late night in college?


Not the puffy, gigantic ones. My heart belongs to the gnarly, extra crunchy treats that live inside the tell-tale orange bag.

I have always loved you, Cheetos. And I always will.

Pictured above is one of our lunches from last week’s beach trip. Seriously the best meal I’d eaten in a long while. And it didn’t come back to haunt me five minutes after my last bite.

Laura made the heavenly chicken salad (check out all of the things my amazing sis can do with one rotisserie chicken from Costco). And, yes, I actually did eat the grapes. I don’t want this baby coming out of the womb demanding fried chicken and milkshakes. Whole foods are a big part of my diet, too. They’re just not as fun to talk about.

What’s your favorite snack? Do you lick your Cheeto-fingers, too?

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  1. I too love my food in neon!

  2. Carbs, oh how I miss you! Enjoy them for me!

  3. there’s this new flavor of ice cream out: brownie moose tracks…not bad…but still hard to beat melba toast dipped in tuna salad with sangria to wash it down…occassionally i like to splurge with a loaf of home made beer bread [3.5 cups flour all purp, 3 tbs sugar, 1 tb bake pow, 1.5 tsp salt, 12 oz btl beer (no sips please) all mixed together then lightly knead into ball shape, place on bake sheet, slit big x-mark on top, brush top with beaten egg, bake about 45 mins at 375 (warm oven while mixing ingreds)]…much better than cheetos believe it or not…missing you all lots

  4. Ah, to be pregnant again. I love how the Cheetos are taking up a FULL THIRD of your plate! I have to admit though, I’m fully in the puffy Cheetos camp. But I will admit the crunchy Baked Cheetos are really, really good!

    • Loved your guacamole post! Hello craving.

  5. Don’t Cheetos count as dairy? There’s got to be some real cheese in there somewhere. πŸ™‚ For me, the ultimate snack are Wise Cheese Puffs and some Oreos…you know nothing that grows naturally in nature.

    • As a matter of fact cheetos contain folic acid. Which totally justifies them as a pregnancy diet staple, no?

  6. Cheetos are yum. And yeah, I only go for the crunchy ones, too. Delish and well rounded meal, IMO. ;P

  7. I love Chickpeas! I love carbs too. I wrote an awesome manual “the carb cravers rescue guide” You will have to check it out. You will love it!

  8. I’m a Cheetos girl too. The crunchier the better.

    No cheese *puffs* need apply.

  9. That looks like a nice little meal! But I must admit…I prefer the puffy, gigantic ones!!

    • Loved your “nutty” post! Tried to leave a comment but wouldn’t work. Maybe your site doesn’t like me? Or it very well could be pregnancy brain. πŸ™‚

  10. I’m like Melisa – I like the puffy ones better for some reason. I totally lick my Cheetos fingers.

    I think my absolute favorite snack is salt and vinegar chips.

  11. That’s hysterical! There is something about cheetos, right? Just don’t eat them and type on a white MacBook cause the cheetle fingerprints aren’t pretty. Ask me how I know.

  12. Entering month three and have gestational diabetes but I throw caution to the wind and eat Taco Bell nacho chips with that little cup of *cheese* filled to the brim with fire sauce. Only at 10pm though.

  13. I’m a crunchy cheeto person too! I must admit I haven’t had any in far too long. Might have to add it to the grocery list…

  14. I’m not a huge fan of Cheetos, but I do love me some Lay’s Ketchup Flavoured Chips!

  15. I think that I can sustain myself on cheetos. Yup. Totally could. Good thing I gave up candy for lent πŸ˜‰

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