Capture the Everyday: a favorite nook

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built in shelves

This week’s Capture the Everyday assignment is so fun: a feature I love about my home.

One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with our house is the nook factor. There are a bunch of neat little spaces like the one pictured above. Interesting windows. The world’s largest fireplace. A rocking-chair porch.

Our realtor said it had character, and I said “sold!” (Much to Marc’s chagrin; I don’t have much of a poker face when it comes to buying houses or cars. Or anything, really.)

I especially love these built-in shelves because they greet you at the very top of the stairs. They used to be dark and brown, but we slapped on a few coats of paint (green!) and brightened things up. I’ve switched out the contents of the shelves a billion times, but now I think I’ve found my zen. Favorite photos, beloved keepsakes and lots of color.

I scored these little cabinet knobs from the Anthropologie sale closet and was instantly smitten.

cabinet knobs from anthropologie

What do you love best about your home? Is there a spot that just makes you happy?

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  1. SO CUTE! I just love your taste.

  2. I love your nook! So cute and it’s great to have a place to put books, photos and nick backs.

  3. I think this is my absolute favorite photo so far with this meme. Love it! I really love the punch of green and the sailboats on the bottom shelf. I may need you to come to our house and do a makeover. Grin.

  4. I LOVE that nook! I am currently extra super insanely jealous of your house. My house does not even have ONE single closet. How does that even qualify as a house?!

  5. SO pretty! I love nooks and the fact that we share a love of painted wood šŸ™‚ Happy!

  6. Love love love this nook! Your taste is impeccable. I wish I had something so nice, thoughtful and edited in our house. My collections just end up being cluttered looking. And love those knobs!

  7. LOVE the built-in nook. I’m a sucker for color, and don’t even get me started on Anthro’s sale room… I could spend days in there! šŸ™‚

  8. OH. MAH. Cuteness!
    Love it!
    I was so excited when my husband told me that he wanted to redo our bathroom and since we don’t have a closet…I know, super annoying…he’s going to build me a nook. I can’t wait!!

  9. Oh I’m such a big fan of nooks. And this one is adorable! Totally fits you!

    Those knobs rule, too.

  10. Oh wow! I LOVE those knobs!!! The whole nook is very cute!

  11. I love that the shelves are green! How cool & creative. I don’t have a poker face for cars & houses either. My husband always as to have a super poker face to make up for my lack there of!

  12. That is a FABULOUS nook!! The knobs are so unique. I’m in love…

  13. Before I even read your text, I looked at your photo and said “Oh, a nook!” I have too new of a house for any cool nooks. Maybe my next one!

  14. I’m also smitten by those door pulls. I couldn’t get away with anything like that here. The huz would find them, quickly unscrew them and replace them with something plain and probably made of brushed nickel.

  15. Love all things nookish! I think the nooks would have sold me too and way to make them so fabulous and cheery!!

  16. That Anthropologie will getcha’ everytime! I love the green. We have these exact built-ins and now I am getting the itch to paint them. I need to stop looking at everybody’s houses, asap! I redo my house ALL the time and it drives my husband crazy.

  17. Oh I love your nook, I want one!

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