The making of a nursery

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Say hello to The Eliminator.

preparing baby's nursery

That’s my new name for Laura, who, just a few short weeks ago, kicked my procrastinating butt into gear.

Armed with questions like “Are you really going to use that?” and “How long has that been sitting in the closet?” she helped me get rid of A LOT of stuff. And from that day forward, I’ve been on a mission to eliminate more.

Like the greeting cards. I seem to have kept every card I ever received. Ever.

So, if you wrote me a thank-you note in 1998, I’m sorry to say it’s finally hit the trash. Of course, I kept a few treasured cards and letters. And photos. Oh, the photos! There are negatives upon negatives stored in boxes upon boxes. Blurred photos, bad photos, photos stuck together. I kept them all. Because, you know.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve consolidated more than a dozen photo boxes down to three. THREE!

And seeing all of this space opening up in the baby’s closet makes me so happy. Like I can breathe.

Here’s a shot of the closet, about half-way through Operation: Elimination.

nursery closet

And, here’s a broader shot of the room, after the Invasion of the Baby Clothes:

nursery and baby clothes

So you can see why “nursery” is my new middle name. I’m obsessed with getting that space organized and ready for baby. And I can’t wait to get to the really fun stuff: decorating.

Here’s a sneak peek of the fabric we’ll use on the windows (from IKEA). And when I say “we,” I mean The Eliminator. Thank goodness one of us got the crafty gene.

IKEA fabric for child's room

I absolutely cannot wait to post the “after” photos. Soon, I hope. And we’ve also just finished a fun project in Small Fry’s big girl room. Gotta keep the boss lady happy!


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  1. Ahhh I love it! Great job. We are still going through stuff and will be for a while. I want to ask about your bed though. Do you plan on keeping it in the nursery? We have a queen bed that I am thinking of putting in there at least for the first few months while we nurse around the clock!

    • I wish we could keep it in the nursery, but there isn’t enough space. I’ve heard of people doing that, and it makes perfect sense. I actually haven’t quite figured out where I’ll nurse at night. Last time, in the master BR, was a disaster. 😛

  2. Great job! It’s really coming along! You must be getting so excited! Good luck and keep up the hard work!

  3. Once you start getting rid of clutter, you can’t stop. I love it. I’m an anti-hoarder! : ) Cute baby stuff….don’t you just love Ikea?

  4. How great! When Laura is done at your house, can she come help at mine?

  5. I wish I had some sort of cape and mask…especially in that picture. I’m not sure I want Small Fry to see me taking down her sticker decor from the wall. Aunt Laura still loves you!

  6. That fabric is really cute! I’m with Cyndi, she can come kick my butt into organizing gear next!

  7. Love that fabric! Can’t wait to see the finished room, there is something about a nursery that is so calming and peaceful!

  8. It looks like you two make an awesome team. I cannot wait to see the nursery when its ready. YOu must be starting to get really excited and feeling like you will be meeting your baby SO SOON! I am glad you are enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy.

  9. […] Here are some “before” photos, if you’d like to see the disaster that used to be our guest room. Cancel […]

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