Under-eye roller, I love thee

03/30/2011 at 9:20 am | Posted in Belly to Butterfly | 8 Comments
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(Belly to Butterfly is written by my sister, who authors this lovely blog).

I am all for the organic craze…milk, eggs, apples…if we can afford the organic option, it’s in our cart.  I even tried sticking to a chemical-free beauty regimen but when I found myself (and those circles under my eyes) feeling blah & unattractive I reached for science.

Honestly, I knew there’d be some changes after having a baby, but I thought I’d lose the bump and go back to being (and looking like) me.  Not so lucky…and probably not so realistic.  There are still signs of pregnancy mask on my face, my hair is thinner and has all these little bits that like to pop up (and sometimes even curl a little) and now that I can sleep on my belly again my eyes are two puffed dragons…minus the magic.

I recently got my hair cut and when Christie (looking annoyingly cute with her makeup and funky cut) asked what I wanted I simply replied, “I want to look like I care about my appearance without actually having to do anything.”  She came pretty close and my new best friend, Paul Mitchell, and his thickening spray gets me the rest of the way.

You know what it really comes down to for me…wanting to feel good about myself, even pretty or at least interesting looking, while also being comfortable.  This is a tall order and even taller when you have a toddler underfoot & my workday involves sandy parks and climbing up narrow ladders in a pirate ship.  But it’s important to feel good about yourself and to even have fun with what you were given.  I like expressing myself with clothes and although it takes a little more time and energy, I want to start putting more thought into it.  Because when I do, I feel good, and when I feel good, I feel like me.




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  1. Actually even not being a mom this message hits home for me. Aging sucks and I feel surrounded by gorgeous women who always look really put together. Now I wear foundation and mascara nearly every day. Now if only I could embrace skirts….

  2. I know this is my blog, and therefore lame to leave a comment, but I just have to say how much I love this post, sis.

    Ever since I had SF, I feel like I’ve let my appearance slip. And now that child #2 is almost here, I’ve canceled haircuts and let my eyebrows go. I know I’ll get to it again, when I have more time (and am once again getting sleep. like in fifteen years). BUT looking good does = feeling good. Even in small ways. So, I’m making an eyebrow appointment today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Funny –we must have gotten the same Clinique bonus that came w/ the under-eye roller because it is my new favorite thing. Great post –hits home.

  4. It is amazing how much my mood is affected when I take a little time to spruce myself up! Glad to hear I’m not alone. I met this nice mom at the park last week and she was hysterically cursing the chick on “What Not To Wear” who apparently said you can totally do skirts at the park. Apparently, she hasn’t tried sitting in a skirt in the sand or climbed up the tunnel to help her daughter reach the top. Always so refreshing to meet other women who can laugh at the advice and find a way to make it work for them…creating their own style!

  5. Laura, Suzanne, Kristen—you ladies are always the bees knees to me, miss seeing you all!

    Daniel 🙂

    • AWWWW…hugs and kisses Daniel. I miss you too 🙂 We really need to all get together sometime w/ the kids. how cool would that be?!

    • Miss you too! And ditto on the bees knees stuff. We need to have a reunion sometime soon…the next generation of the Dawson’s Crew.

      • How cute would that be to have them all dressed up in Dawson’s outfits?! LOL I will make sure to let you all know the next time we trek home to NC so we can make sure to have a reunion!

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