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When I saw this week’s Capture the Everyday photo challenge, I wanted to hide my head in the sand.

Because, books?

I used to be an avid reader. I used to shun the TV to hurry upstairs and read in bed. I used to buy hardcovers because I simply couldn’t wait.

Books and I used to be tight. Before I became a mom.

I know, it’s no excuse. And, actually, I dipped my feet back in the water just after Small Fry turned two. I tackled Eat, Pray, Love (which I’d begun the very night I went into labor). I devoured Rockabye: From Wild to Child. I cracked the spine on Ferris Beach (but didn’t finish it).

But since I became pregnant, this is the extent of my reading:

stack of magazines

Don’t ask me why. You’d think a book would be the perfect escape from the sickness and discomfort. But there’s also something infinitely satisfying about reading magazines. And watching bad TV.

Reading books just feels like too much work right now. I don’t have the energy to become invested. And I can barely keep my eyes open past 8 p.m.

But. I can’t wait until books are once again a big part of my life. Because they will be.

You know, when the kids are in college.

Okay … your turn! What are you reading right now? What are your favorite books? Any suggestions for my reading list?

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  1. In addition to our ridiculous stacks of books both the hubs and I love magazines too. His are always focused on cars. Mine? Parenting focused mags and Good Housekeeping.

  2. I’ve had these moments too.. there’s simply too much going on in my life to be able to find the time to bury my face into a good read. At least you have time for magazines, the world of internet and lying on the bed to watch tv is taking up too much of my time for now.

    But hopefully that will be changed soon. I will be out of a job and hopefully will have more time to indulge in some good books.

  3. Ah….good magazines and bad TV….are you sure you’re not confusing yourself w/ me? My nightstand has a small stack of magazines and I LOVE flipping through them before I go to bed while DWTS is on. πŸ™‚ I also want to start reading for real again.

  4. It makes me feel like an 80 yr old, but my secret magazine love is Woman’s Day… There I said it!

  5. You and I wrote pretty much the same post. We will read when they grow up and leave us :O)

  6. I love magazines!!! In a perfect world I would have a subscription to every single one of them. At one point I used to buy so many that I had to limit myself to buying them only when I was traveling. That didn’t work out too well because I was travelling a lot for work then. But nothing beats sitting on the couch flipping through pretty pictures.

  7. I had to sort of stop my magazines as I never get around to them. But I totally saw that Tina Fey issue last night and wanted to pick it up. I love her! Let me know when you’re ready to recycle it. πŸ˜‰

  8. Um, you’re building a person from the ground floor up! While raising another kiddo! When you get the chance put up those swollen feet and enjoy those magazines and bad tv with the knowledge that you have done today more than most of us will do in a week just by housing that little bubby:)

  9. I’m not even in the same spot because even my MAGAZINES are getting neglected lately! I do love flipping through them when I can though.

  10. I don’t even know what category I would be in because yes I do read a book here and there but mostly there. And yes I do read magazines for the most part but they are old magazines. Like ones that are out of date. Like ones I dug up from my mother’s basement. 80’s ones.

  11. Don’t feel bad! I just got back into reading since #2 came along…and he’s almost 2 years old. I just finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the two sequels and loved them. Quick reads if you get motivated.

  12. Can i just link up to your post and use it as mine? Cause this is exactly where I am! Even with a Kindle, I can’t seem to get back into reading as much as I use to. But a magazine? I think I like them more now because I can get through them quickly and feel like I accomplished something!

  13. i’m right there with you. have you tried audio books? my husband is obsessed and i finally gave in and tried… i’ve read lots of books in the past few months because it goes surprisingly fast when you are listening vs. reading!

  14. Thankfully someone admitted to their magazine love! I LOVE magazines too. It may take me 5 months to finish a book but I will stay in the car while the baby is asleep and read a magazine cover to cover. Except I had to stop my habit cause it was getting to expensive. Down to 3 or 4 subscriptions only. Boo.

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