Friday goodies!

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pink azalea blooms

Azaleas. Dogwoods. Daffodils.

FINALLY, spring!

Here’s what else made me smile this week:

– I’d never heard of this site where you can swap kids’ stuff with other moms. Brilliant!  (thanks, Jennifer)

– Babble’s Top 50 Etsy baby shops. Because I need more excuses to shop.

– An inspired open letter to medical professionals, by fellow pregnant lady Casey.

– This video. Via the Bloggess. It’s almost as funny as she is.

– Because the perfect gift for your man might just be “the sweet smell of keg beer” (thanks, Becky)

– Spring fever over at chock full of …

– Did you catch this awesomely ridiculous video on our Facebook page? I just had to share again.

I’m really looking forward to next week on p*s … a fun giveaway (because it’s been a while since we offered up some free goods), my latest belly shot, and (if the planets align and my child cooperates) the much-anticipated Small Fry video interview. Which may or may not include a Beyonce dance-off.

Hope your weekend is happy, friends!


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  1. Beyonce dance-off? score.
    Can’t wait to see this interview & giveaway!

    Happy weekend!

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