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Meet Duckie.

Duckie the Elephant.

He is Small Fry’s new favorite thing. When she pulled him from the North American Bear Company box, she declared “I always loved him!”

And his name? I like to think she was genetically predisposed to make a Pretty in Pink reference. But more likely, she just had ducks on the brain and decided that would be the perfect fit for her new friend.

Duckie’s large size and unique shape make him easy to squeeze. And lie on top of. And tumble with on the floor. He is sooooo soft and well-made. In fact, one of the first things I tried to do (ala Marge Simpson and Fretful Mom) was remove the ribbon from around his neck, for fear of Small Fry working it off and choking. Much to my surprise, the ribbon is securely sewn onto Duckie, so it won’t budge. Not even for a wily toddler.

Duckie goes with Small Fry to the potty. Outside to blow bubbles. Even to the grocery store (where she announced that he loves cheese as much as she does). They are constant companions. Case in point:

toddler snuggling with plush toy

The folks at North American Bear Company were sweet enough to throw in a small Flatophant for Baby Sunshine. So now Small Fry has the perfect gift to take to the hospital for her new brother or sister. Such thoughtfulness and attention to detail aren’t usually the hallmarks of toy companies (in my experience), so it’s been a real treat to work with Sam and the gang at North American Bear Company.

The best part of all this? YOU could win a Duckie of your own! Or a platypus, frog, cow, hippo (among others) … whatever your little one’s heart desires. And I also think these lovies would make wonderful baby shower gifts.

To win the large Flatso of your choice, just check out the North American Bear Company website and tell us which Flatso you’d choose.

For extra chances to win, you can do any of the following (leave a separate comment for each):

– Like North American Bear Co. on Facebook
– Follow North American Bear Co. on Twitter
– Like pretty*swell on Facebook

This giveaway ends at noon on Friday, April 8, 2011. I’ll choose the winner at random. Have fun!

We were given two Flatophants by North American Bear Co. to review. I received no compensation for my opinions. Which are always my own. And are always honest.


Charlotte Anne is the winner! Congratulations, lucky lady!


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  1. So cute! At this very moment I think I would pick the flatocow…because R just learned that a cow says “moo” so he is constantly grabbing the cow from his barnyard and proudly exclaiming moo, which is adorable!
    Also, I like Small Fry’s Pretty in Pink Reference.
    Also (again), I brought my brother a stuffed Pooh Bear in the hospital when he was born. He still has it, and got R a pooh bear when he was born! So these sibling gifts have some staying power!

  2. Small Fry, we just might be kindred spirits! We love cheese, too! So glad that Flatophant has found a loving home πŸ™‚

  3. I think Evan would love a Flatopig! Although he doesn’t SAY pig as much as make the sign for pig…which unfortunately ends up as just sticking a finger up his nose. But he really loves doing it! These are adorable, thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I love Small Fry’s Pretty In Pink genetic make-up! Duckie is pretty sweet. I’d have a hard time choosing between Flatopus and Flatjack for my daughter. They all look so soft and sweet!

  5. Love the flatopig! So cute. Small Fry looks so in love with her Duckie!

  6. I like pretty*swell on facebook.

  7. I would pick the Flatopotamus since I love to hear my son say hippopotamus! The Flatophant is a close second since my son likes pink (much to his daddy’s dismay).

  8. Ohhhhh…love!!!
    I would love to win the Flatofrog. My Chunky is really into reptiles and slimey creatures and things with more legs than us humans…which really creeps me out since I have a huge phobia of insects…anyhoodles, I’d love to win the frog

  9. I think the flatopotomus killed me dead with the cute.

  10. I love the pink flatjack

  11. OMG so many that both Bella and I would LOVE! With her new found love of farm animals, my Bella would love FlatoCow. Thanks for sharing Suzanne!

  12. i would probably choose the b & w doggie! So cute!

  13. What cuddly looking creatures! We’re in that great period with O where she’s realizing that the animals we talk about in books are actual living, breathing beings. I’d have to go with the flatocow because it brings such a huge smile to her face when she sees one and to mine as I listen to Carter and I try and do realistic cow sounds. Carter’s is really good!

  14. My son LOVES elephants but he’s not a big pink fan, so I’d choose the super adorable flatopotomus for him!

  15. Liked North American Bear Co on fb!

  16. I’m now following them on Twitter!

  17. I liked Pretty Swell on FB as well!

  18. I would love the cow for my niece!

  19. I liked pretty swell on Facebook!

  20. I follow North American bear on twitter!

  21. I liked North American Bear Company on Facebook!

  22. I would definitely choose the Flatophant. My daughter has a little obession with “umps” lol her word for Elephant. πŸ™‚

  23. I like North American Bear Co. on facebook

  24. I follow North American Bear Co. on twitter.


  25. I like you on facebook

  26. I love Flatopup!!!!!

  27. for us it would be a tossup between the flatofrog or flatopup!

  28. I like NABC on Facebook.

  29. I follow NABC on twitter.

  30. I like you on Facebook!

  31. I would totally choose the Flatjack Blue—just cute all around πŸ™‚

  32. Oh, and I totally like you on Facebook (not just there of course!)

  33. I Liked North American Bear Co. on Facebook πŸ™‚

  34. I am following North American Bear Co. on Twitter πŸ™‚

  35. I Liked “Loved” pretty*swell on Facebook too πŸ™‚

  36. OMG, the elephant! TOO adorable. My daughter would LOVE this thing.

  37. Following North American Bear @NABearCo <-@goodgirlgonered πŸ™‚

  38. Oh my, fun and cute! It’s a toss up between the Flatofrog and Flatopig. C has a thing for both. But of course, we’d be happy with any of them. Pick us!

  39. And you know I already “like” pretty swell on facebook πŸ™‚

  40. These are the cutest little animals!! I would have to go with Flatopig since Esme’ has a thing for pigs…I believe b/c her brother gave her a pig & this pig has become her favorite lovey. She goes nuts when she sees a pig.

  41. I like pretty swell on facebook!

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  43. […] family adores North American Bear. When they first approached me to review their products before Sophie was born, the letter was thoughtfully written by someone who had actually read my […]

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