A sneak peek at our teeny ballerina

04/14/2011 at 10:49 am | Posted in Small Fry | 4 Comments
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Small Fry loves music. And when she hears music, she loves to dance. Which mostly involves jumping up and down.

But still. Girl’s got rhythm.

While I was out of town one weekend during the fall, Marc had the brilliant idea to take Small Fry over to our local dance studio to check things out. Naturally, she loved it. So we enrolled her in a toddler “movement” class. Her teacher is amazing — the way she corrals those tots (and their over-eager parents) is to be admired.

One of my favorite things about this studio is how laid back it is. I am most definitely not interested in introducing Small Fry to a Black-Swan-esque world of competitive ballet. In fact, I was a little afraid to bring her to her first class. But, much to my relief, the whole thing is based around having fun and letting toddlers wiggle about as they wish. Whew.

Small Fry’s favorite part is wearing her skirted pink leotard and ballet slippers. So when her teacher broke out the costumes last week for their upcoming gala, our girl was in hog heaven.

A fluffy skirt with crinoline? Bestill my heart!

p.s.   Be on the lookout for a monster photo post after Small Fry’s June 5 recital. I will be there if it kills me, even if I have to nurse a screaming baby in the middle of the auditorium.

p.p.s. The Small Fry video interview is DONE! But, dang YouTube aborted the upload (perhaps because it’s a tad long), so I’ll try again tonight. Fingers crossed!



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  1. Oh isn’t she just a doll! I love it! My daughter does a ballet type spin mixed in with somewhat disturbing hip hop looking moves. Maybe it’s time to put her in dance too. Sounds like you found a great program!

  2. oh, she is darling!

  3. Oh so cute!

  4. love little ballerinas!!! (I was one, myself)

    I think music and movement is SO important to development, and over all happiness. And it looks like Small Fry loves it too!! yay!!

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