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kids' skirt by mountain aven baby

Confession: I’ve been doing a little shopping.

Because, you know, the baby needs stuff. Like diapers and wipes and butt cream. But also? Cute clothes.


Not knowing the baby’s sex has really kept the ol’ pocketbook in check, though. I think this was Marc’s real reason for wanting to be surprised. Keep the wife from going gonzo.

But I have my ways. And while most of our baby dollars have gone toward stocking the nursery with essentials, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few fun purchases. Like at the Zutano sale on Zulily yesterday. Yikes.

I haven’t splurged much yet on Etsy, but once I know whether this wee one is a boy or a girl, shops like mountain aven baby had better watch out!

Isn’t this stuff adorable?

Chenille-backed bibs, rad tees, dresses, play sets … and oh, those twirl skirts! Baby, if you’re a boy, you might just end up in one of those anyway. Mommy is sorry.

kids bird tee by mountain aven baby

kids camper tee by mountain aven baby

bib by mountain aven baby

kids' skirt by mountain aven baby


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  1. Ooooooh, I don’t think I knew that you were waiting to find out! That sounds like fun! If we have a third (which I am doubting we will so it’s easier to say) I think I might like to wait =)

    Those clothes are cute.cute.cute!

  2. My wallet (and my husband) will be very sad once I finish shopping that site. DS and DD both need stuff from there. Can’t. Take. The. Cuteness.

  3. Oh that stuff is awesome– glad to see they have boy stuff!

  4. oh wow! thanks for the great write-up! i stumbled upon it via google… and what a treat 🙂 so glad that you like what you see in the shop– and congrats on the little bun in the oven too!

  5. The designs look really cool – just love them!
    Thanks for sharing…

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