Capture the Everyday: Small Fry's favorite part of the house

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kids' playroom

Say hi to our playroom. It’s actually my favorite room in the house. But Small Fry totally digs it too.

This space used to be pointless. We had a dining room table but no chairs. And a ridiculous multi-tiered brass chandelier. Dust was the only thing gathering there.

Until we had a kid. And needed somewhere to put all those toys.

I’ve had so much fun filling this space with happiness. We inherited the shelves from my folks, and sitting on top of one of them is my all-time favorite photo of Small Fry, Marc and me. The drawer unit, rug, easel and kiddie table and chairs are all from IKEA. So is Mr. Hippo, who hangs out under the easel.

kids' playroom

kids' playroom

kids' playroom

kids' playroom

And, just for kicks, I thought I’d show you Small Fry’s LEAST favorite room in the house. Where her nemesis lurks, waiting. And waiting and waiting.

What are your kids’ favorite spaces? How about yours?

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  1. I LOVE the color! We are IKEA freaks too– have the easel and Trofast storage. That train table is amazing!

    Big Roo hates the potty too. It’s crazy how much they can really hate that thing!

  2. Love all the light! And Ikea is just so great for kids rooms. She is lucky to have such a wonderful space!

  3. I LOVE your playroom!!! I want one!!!:)

  4. I love our playroom too. It’s the formal living room which seems kind of pointless to me. I think family and fun spaces are much more practical. I totally wish I had an awesome playroom when I was a kid.

  5. I LOVE your playroom. I mean everything about it from the awesome windows, the color on the walls, the book shelfs, to the awesome train table!

    My husband hand built a train table for our kids years ago but it got left behind in one of our moves because it was such a pain! I miss having that thing!

  6. LOVE that rug! The whole room looks like a Land of Nod catalog 🙂

  7. What a lovely play room! I can see why it’s her favorite space in the house! Also, I just cannot get over how sweet Small Fry’s little toes are! And coral is totally “in” this season. Small Fry knows what’s up!

  8. beautiful room! so cheerful – i want to bring poppy over for a playdate!!! (-:

  9. Hilarious – have you seen my post? I think we have the same taste when it comes to decorating playrooms 😉 Love that this was once your dining room – does anyone still use their dining room anyway???!!

  10. Love this room, so cute!

  11. Wowsers, that is MY favorite room too! The color, the rug and the big window with the view of the the greenery outside – loves!
    Hilarious about the ‘nemesis’:)

  12. Truly love your kids’ playroom!! I love the wall color and the furnitures. I also love the train table. This room is really adorable and kid-safe. Now, my kids want one.:-)

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