Relishing time with my "only"

05/06/2011 at 8:57 am | Posted in Small Fry | 5 Comments
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With all the focus on Small Fry becoming a big sister, it’s easy to forget she’s still the baby … for now.

I’m trying to relish every single moment I have alone with her. So earlier this week before the cold snap, I grabbed the camera as we headed outside.

It always amazes me how much fun she can have with the simple things in her surroundings … sticks, leaves, spiky gum balls, pine cones. And she really seems to enjoy showing her baby doll all of the beauty of being outdoors.

She tells me all the time that she can’t wait to show little brother or sister everything she knows. Like how to eat pizza and properly assemble an outfit for the day. It’s going to be fun.

Tell us your big-sibling stories: What nuggets of wisdom have your older kids passed on to the younger ones? Do the littles worship their older brothers and sisters? Or was it warfare from the start? I can only imagine …



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  1. Little Evan loves his sister (LOVES) but often forgets he needs to be gentle. But he was only 20 months when I brought Caroline home, so he barely even remembers being an only already.

    Today, I left Caroline in the “care” of an almost-3-year-old and she did SUCH a good job. My heart totally melted watching them play together. Your family is going to be the most adorable little family ever.

  2. Big brother (of course, 19 years ago) loved his baby sister until she could crawl around and get into his toys….sharing is big! If it is fun and the only way Small Fry knows to be with sibling boy or girl; it will be a blessing for you!

  3. So my sister (8 yrs older than me) just sent me an email today with advice for my wedding. I know you’re thinking of younger siblings, but I can’t tell you how many times my sister has saved my ass.
    And the email she sent today with advice for my upcoming wedding put me in tears, good tears, tears of appreciation. Because older siblings are like angels sent to watch out for their little ones. I’d be lost without my sister.

    • Oh, your words totally just made me cry. Yes I’m hormonal, but I just love what you said and how you said it! I’d be lost without my sister, too. Totally lost.

  4. My daughter picked up sword fighting from my son. That’s all I’ve got. They really love each other and miss each other when they’re apart. My favorite moment of their being siblings is when he first met her and whispered to us “why does she have a boys haircut?”

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