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  1. yeah, these pictures make me cry. for sure.

  2. Precious! These photos just scream LOVE. Looks like Small Fry has really embraced her big sis role!

  3. Just beautiful!!!!

  4. Small Fry is such a good, attentive big sister! I love the picture (3rd from bottom) where both girls are looking into each others eyes. What love.

  5. My heart melted.

  6. SO CUTE.

  7. Those are so cute – both the pictures and your girls of course! Love how Small Fry is looking at her in every picture…too cute!!

  8. LOVE these. Can’t wait to see you again soon. I am just overwhelmed by Lily’s grace.

  9. Priceless pictures- lots of love at your house these days!

  10. big, happy sighs. i look forward to this!

  11. Absolutely precious. You captured some great ones!

  12. I heart is just overwhelmed. Crying looking at these pictures! Just precious.

  13. Our family is so blessed! Small Fry and Sunshine are a beautiful reflection of the love you and Marc share.

  14. A dream come true. Literally. Love them both!

  15. how very lovely. Amazing to see your first born child hold and love your second. Congratulations to all of you.

  16. Have the same type of photos of mine….they are so wonderful….Look at Small Fry…..she is going to be a great big sis to Sunshine.

  17. they are so precious! these girls are going to have a lot of fun memories together

  18. Presh!!!

  19. the best sister photos ever. love them!

  20. Absolutely perfect photos. What a beautiful family!

  21. Gah! I am dying over here. So so so adorable. Memories of my boys first meeting are all washing over me now.

    :: runs to hide from baby fever ::

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