Yes, there is a fluffy bunny in this picture

05/18/2011 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Small Fry | 15 Comments
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school portrait

And he sniffed her face, causing a peal of laughter that sent my heart soaring.

She still talks about him. And I’m pretty certain she’d be willing to trade a certain newborn baby to have her very own “Marshmallow” at home.



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  1. Oh my goodness, it does not get sweeter than that.

  2. Gorgeous picture!!! And, the bunny was named marshmallow?! Freaking adorable!

  3. freaking adorable. you make cute kids!

  4. AAAH! That is amazing.

  5. Heavens to Betsy. I can’t even… Marshmallow?! This is basically the cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

  6. Bella and Bunnies – oh my!!! Guess I know what she’ll be wanting for Christmas! 🙂

  7. Ahh I want a bunny too!

  8. What happened to the days of fake stumps & podiums in the midst of a faux library?! It’s seriously not fair that she looks this freaking cute and gets a bunny….I’m holding out for a bad perm in middle school to right this wrong. =)

  9. this made my day- I want a bunny! actually, I want my sister to get a bunny so I can play with it and she can take care of it.

  10. When I was born, my brother wanted to trade me for a toy truck, so at least a bunny is better than that. This picture is so very cute!

  11. That may be the cutest picture ever in the history of pictures.

  12. So sweet! Love her yellow cardi & that the bunny is named Marshmellow!

  13. Oh my epic sweetness! How cute!

  14. Every time I think she can’t get any cuter, Small Fry proves me wrong!

  15. […] picture people are killing me. Remember the Marshmallow incident of […]

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