No small victory

05/27/2011 at 9:26 pm | Posted in baby sunshine, Motherhood | 12 Comments
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I nursed in public for the very first time tonight.

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

I nursed successfully in public for the very first time ever.

Sophie had been sleeping soundly on my chest when Marc suggested we venture out to our favorite Italian joint for our first “party of four” experience. After a brief flash of “no, I can’t do this,” I jumped on board. Sophie was snoozing, after all. I’d just fed her. She’d be good to go for at least a couple of hours, right?


Just before our food arrived, I heard the little bellow from her carrier. And soon enough, she was red-faced and demanding to be fed.

Crap. My chest tightened and that familiar feeling of panic swept over me. The same one that plagued me nearly every day for the first four months of Lily’s life.

But then, determination.

I grabbed my nursing cover (thank goodness for Bebe Au Lait — far superior to any other cover I’ve tried), swapped seats with Lily so that my back was to the dining room and wiggled that baby up to my boob.

And she ate. Contentedly.

I glanced around nervously. No one had even batted an eye at us.

A deep breath. I unclenched my jaw and peeked back down at the baby.

Just then, her eyes opened and she stared straight into mine. A look that said, “Relax, Mom. We got this.”

I’m trying, little baby. I’m trying.


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  1. Hooray! Way to go mama and Sophie.

  2. good for you! the closest to nursing in public I ever got with Madison was in the car. I’m hoping to be able to handle it more gracefully this time.

  3. You are a ROCKSTAR. Those covers were such a lifesaver when we were learned how to latch without flashing everyone in the restaurant. Being able to nurse out of the house makes breastfeeding SO much more doable!

  4. So awesome! I am glad you had a good experience! Here’s to many more!

  5. Yay! That’s awesome. Hope this one of many great moments out. Lets try for lunch some time?!

    • Yes!! I’d love for you to meet miss Sophie. Will be in touch on email!

  6. Yeah! Cracker Barrel here we come!

  7. Good for you, girlie! I remember the first time I did that very well. I too was nervous but soon became an old hat at it! I’m sure you will too 🙂

  8. you soooo GOT this.

  9. Good for you!!!!! So proud of you and so thankful that the other people weren’t jerks about it.
    Go you!!!

  10. I LOVE this. I believe you have successfully entered ROCKSTAR MOMMY STATUS where you will remain forever. Congratulations! 😉

  11. Congrats Sis! I remember that feeling of “dude, my boob is out…in public.” I’m proud of you and little Sophie…she obviously didn’t want to be left out of the eating fun!

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