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Before Marc and I got married, we had to participate in a program at the church that was mostly corny and uncomfortable. Until the very end.

The facilitators made each couple face each other and take each other’s hands. Then we had to recite the most beautiful words (that I can’t remember) about how we would use our hands to build a life together, make a home, love each other.

It was during the line about how our hands would hold our future children that I totally lost it. I didn’t look up from Marc’s hands, but I’m pretty sure my ugly-crying would have sent most anyone into hiding.

This photo reminds me of that moment and all the hope I carried in my heart that day.

Marc is an amazing father who loves and cares for his girls with astonishing grace.

How blessed we are!



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  1. Oh that’s so sweet– both the picture and the story. What an amazing shot. And my goodness you can see her little foot sticking out from under his hands. MELT!

  2. Very sweet!!!

  3. Oh she’s so tiny.
    So comfy.

  4. That was so sweet. *sniff* I think I have something in my eye.

  5. How blessed we are! Absolutely!!!

  6. Marc is truly an awesome father, so caring, compassionate and completely dedicated to you, Small Fry and your precious baby. It brings us immeasurable joy to witness all the love you share!

  7. Great photo & such a cool memory.

  8. Thank you for writing this beautiful post about Marc. He truly is an incredible gift to us all and I am lucky to call him my brother – and friend. Reid and I are thinking of all you all the time. I can’t wait to see everyone next weekend.

  9. Stop. Making. Me. Cry…whwwwwwaaaaaaa.
    Seriously though, there is nothing more hot than seeing your man take care of a baby with love.

  10. I think you are talking about the “blessing of the hands”…here’s a link, we used it in our wedding ceremony 🙂 I cried at the children part too!

    • Oh yes! Thank you so much for sharing the link.

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