Two peas in a pod

06/09/2011 at 4:58 pm | Posted in family, Small Fry | 8 Comments
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At Laura’s birthday dinner Sunday (happy birthday, sis!), Lily and her cousin couldn’t get enough of each other. Or the fountain. Which happened to be adjacent to the table of a couple trying to enjoy a quiet, romantic dinner. Ah, well.

If they’re not fighting over a toy, these two are inseparable. Like sisters. I have loved watching them grow up together, and I can’t wait to see them become even closer … and have slumber parties … and go to prom … and complain about their mothers.

Case in point: After Lily’s big dance recital Sunday morning, there was one person she really wanted to hug. Her cousin.



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  1. Love this! Wish my kids had cousins who were close by and close in age. The next youngest ones are in college. They’re great, but it’s just not the same.

  2. How sweet! Those pictures are too cute.

  3. Those huggables are what we all need in life!
    Beautiful photos of two sweet children! Love, Nana

  4. So precious! The photos are beautiful.

  5. So sweet! I did not have cousins near by growing up, but my husband did…and they are still close and have so many fun stories from their childhood. R is an only child (so far), but my brother and his wife just had their first baby…a boy!…and are moving to our city next month. The two boys will be 17 months apart, and I am really looking forward to them becoming good, good friends (and partners in crime).

    The picture of Lily hugging her cousin is so sweet!

  6. I still keep pinching myself that I get to raise my daughter down the street from my sister and her daughters!

    • Me too! Totally.

  7. those two are the cutest little things i think i’ve EVER seen!

    so glad for you and laura that you have each other, and that all three of your girls will get to grow up together too. what a remarkable blessing.

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