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Pink rainboots, baby rolls, dress-up fashion and bath hair.

Here’s a little peek into our life:

(P)in Love With: letters + numbers

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Pinterest is a gigantic clearinghouse of incredibly clever DIY project ideas. I find a new one every day!

Aren’t these lovely?

antique dresser(love + antique dresser via Sweet Home Style)

potted plants(house numbers // source unknown)

nursery(letters over changing table via Project Nursery)

Capture the Everyday: Lily's favorite outfit

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Gone are the days of dressing my kid.


Gone are the days of sweet dresses, shorts and shirts that match, denim, corduroy.

Now that she’s three, Lily calls all the wardrobe shots. In fact, there’s no arguing it in the morning. What she picks goes, despite my best efforts to sneak in a ruffly skirt or, heaven forbid, sandals instead of her requisite socks-and-sneakers combo.

And her criteria are pretty simple: soft, stretchy and pockets. Pockets are big.

We’ve been rotating through the same dozen pieces this summer. And pictured above is one of her most creative masterpieces: flowers, plaid, stripes. A swirl of patterns and colors finished off with her most favorite rainbow sneakers.

She is a vision, indeed. Don’t you love it?

Will your kids let you dress them? I’m especially curious to hear from other mamas of little girls!

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo


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Writing her name

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Do you see it there, on the left? With the backwards y?

Lily is writing her name!

This new skill has taken me quite by surprise. Because I just can’t believe how fast she’s changing from baby into little girl. Sometimes, she’s more like a little old lady, dispensing wisdom that bowls me over.

I love this kid.

(P)in Love With: floating plates

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dining room with plate art(via Apartment Therapy)

I’m embarrassed to admit how much time I’ve spent on Pinterest since joining on Friday.

It’s bad. But so, so good.

Looking at my boards makes me happy. And discovering so many wonderful things — design ideas, DIY projects, kids’ style, food, fashion — has made me feel more inspired than ever. Maybe it’s because I’ve been living and breathing all things baby for three months. Who knows. I just feel more like ME.

And I’d love to share my finds with you. Say hello to “(P)in Love With,” a new feature through which I’ll showcase some beauty from Pinterest.

This week? Floating plates. So lovely!

dining room with plate art(via 6th Street Design School)

blue piano with plate art(via Classy Clutter)

Are you on Pinterest? Are you addicted, too? I’d love to follow your finds!

Thank you, blue raspberry ring pop

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My iPhone is my lifeline. It’s kept me company during many a long hour in the nursery, and more importantly, it’s helped me stay me connected to the outside world.

How else would I be able to stock the nursery (Amazon app), create packing lists for our upcoming beach trip (notes app) or keep track of three different email accounts?

I simply don’t know how I’d get much of anything accomplished without that little lovely in the pink case.

And because I’m an avid photographer, my phone has become my second camera. I’ve really been enjoying Instagram, especially how a number of my favorite bloggers are posting their Instagram pictures as collections. I thought it would be fun to share little glimpses of our life each week — the little moments that I’m lucky to capture because my phone is always handy.

Here are a few recent favorites to kick things off:

Capture the Everyday: summer food

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Summer is my absolute favorite food season. Well, if you discount chili and nachos during football games and Christmas sweets and Thanksgiving turkey and … uh … I guess I like to eat year-round.

But I have a real soft spot for fresh, local produce. And summer fruits and veggies are simply the best. Peaches, berries, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, peppers, snap beans.

Not to mention burgers and dogs on the grill, fresh lemonade,¬†popsicles (pictured above is Lily chowing on a homemade yogurt pop). I could go on. But I’m getting hungry. So, must wrap up and grab a snack.

Here are some peaches that Lily picked out on our exciting (read: disastrous) adventure to the farmers market:

peachesAnd these lovelies are Laura’s famous fridge pickles:

fridge picklesWhat do you love to eat during the summer? Are you a farmers market regular?

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Power to the little people

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