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***EDITED AGAIN 7/6 at 12:45 p.m.: So I seem to have jumped the gun. Over-react? Me? Sadly, yes. Our doctor said that babies can develop flat spots on their heads simply by lying often on their backs. He didn’t think the device mattered … it could be car seat, swing, sleeper, even crib. He advised us to give the baby plenty of tummy time, to hold her and to reposition her often, especially if she seems to favor facing in one direction. Also? Sophie’s head is fine. Whew.***

***EDITED 7/6 at 10 a.m.: Shortly after I published this post, my friend Amber alerted me to some very disturbing information about the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. It can cause severe head deformities in infants. Needless to say, we are going to stop using this product, and I have removed it from this post. I encourage you to read these parents’ stories.***

I usually profile my favorite handmade finds here, but I simply can’t resist sharing with you some of the super swell stuff that has made life with a newborn a little easier:

Burt's Bees baby productsWe love Burt’s Bees. Lily was a baby bee, so we’re using the full battery of products for Sophie too. The sweet honey-kissed scent makes me want to snack on my babies (even more than usual), and it feels good knowing that I’m bathing and slathering them with all-natural products. Also? Burt’s Bees is based right here in North Carolina. Holler.

aden + anais blankets

And don’t get me started on our aden + anais swaddling blankets. They’re made of a lightweight, breathable muslin and they’re super-huge. Perfect for wrapping up baby or lightly draping while she sleeps in the swing. Sophie is one sweaty girl, and these blankets are perfect for summer. (Special thanks to Beth Anne for introducing us to these!)

Finally, a shout to Old Navy. Their 0-3 month clothes are the only things that fit Sophie straight from the hospital. They’re also super cute and majorly affordable. You’ve seen just about all of them in photos on this blog: birdies, koala bears, grey stripes (I call these her jail bird jammies). Old Navy is also my go-to spot for Lily clothes. Cute, cheap and durable. Word.

What are your favorite new-baby products? Do share!


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  1. I’m with you! Those swaddling blankets are AMAZING and are improving our quality of life right now with a 4 wk old. Also improving our lives: our vibrating bouncy seat (although your sleeper thing looks cooler!), burp cloths to clean up the enormous amount of spit up produced by such a little baby (Gerber tri-fold cloth diapers), and the changing table by the window–James’ favorite place in the world to be!

  2. My list looks exactly like yours! Love all of these things 🙂

  3. It was probably a really great thing you did post about the Rock n’ Play Sleeper, otherwise you might not have learned about the possibility it could be a danger.
    I wish that I had heard about those swaddling blankets when my son was an infant. He was a summer baby and a light swaddle blanket would have been great.

  4. Almost all of my daughter’s clothes come from Old Navy or Carters. They seriously are the best fitting and best priced.

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