When two feels like two thousand

07/15/2011 at 2:47 pm | Posted in About town, Motherhood | 12 Comments
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Today is one of those days I’m reminded that I am most definitely not in control. In fact, the universe yelled it at me. Then had a good laugh.

I packed up the girls and headed to the farmers market. Sophie had been fed, Lily had been to the bathroom. We happily sang along to the Warblers on our drive. I’m thinking, this is easy! Two kids, schmoo kids!

But then.

The sound of Sophie sucking madly on her little fists from the back seat of the car meant only one thing. Girlfriend was still hungry. And getting angry about it.

I race to the market, whip the car into the first parking spot I see and start nursing the baby. Then I look up and realize I’m right next to the ATM, where a long line of people are pretending not to stare in our direction. And then, not one minute later, Lily announces that she has to go to the potty REALLY BAD.

And it continued. Each child needed me at the exact same time, every time. Once I put out one fire, or started to put it out, another one began to blaze.

But even though it seemed every little thing that could have gone wrong on our adventure did go wrong, there was plenty of good: Lily munching on sweet corn and watermelon. Sophie finding her zen in the middle of the chaos. Sugar cookies from the German bakery. My sister and mother so graciously taking over when we finally made it to lunch.

So now I sit typing while my baby naps contentedly in her car seat and my toddler is happily spending the afternoon with her grandmother. It’s amazing to me to feel such peace, when not too long ago every cell of my body felt like it might explode.

And you know what? I’m going to try it all over again next week.

farmers market

farmers market

farmers market


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  1. Oh, I’ve lived this many times since giving birth to my second. You just have to remember to breathe and know you’ll get through it. Believe me, I know it’s so hard when the floor falls through. But you always make it through!

  2. Had the same type of feeling at lunch time today. Glad that you survived and had some fun!! Sounds like you’re handling 2 with much awesomeness (is that a word?).

    • It’s a word in my book, and I’ll gladly take the compliment. 🙂 Thanks for always weighing in with words of encouragement, Heather. You know you’re one of my mama idols, right?

      • Thanks! But that’s a scary thought.

  3. I know it feels like disaster in the moment, but you’re totally handling it! I’m still amazed by moms of 3 — I don’t have enough hands for that.

  4. i didn’t know babies could be so demanding…am i the only male commenter on this web log ? (web log is grandparent for blog)

  5. Good for you for dealing w/ all the challenges. I am impressed w/ you. I am also impressed w/ your farmer’s market skill. I need you to help me out with that area sometime!

  6. Sue – I am with you on this one today!! I am currently looking up how to remove ink pen from leather – awesome, right?! While I was taking care of a bathroom emergency with Jackson ( & yes, these emergencies still come up every now & then) Esme’, who loves to color all the time, found an ink pen & went to town on our leather couch!
    It sounds like you handled today’s events with patience & grace. You definitely deserve some Mommy props! Keep it up…while it can be hard work, it is work that is always rewarded!

  7. Two kids, an outing, AND you managed to get some great photos! I’d call it a stunning success!

  8. that first picture is hilarious! love it, you’ll be a pro in no time!

  9. […] Here are some peaches that Lily picked out on our exciting (read: disastrous) adventure to the farmers market: […]

  10. […] (This was the last time I blogged a farmers market outing. My, how things have changed.) […]

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