Capture the Everyday: summer food

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Summer is my absolute favorite food season. Well, if you discount chili and nachos during football games and Christmas sweets and Thanksgiving turkey and … uh … I guess I like to eat year-round.

But I have a real soft spot for fresh, local produce. And summer fruits and veggies are simply the best. Peaches, berries, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, peppers, snap beans.

Not to mention burgers and dogs on the grill, fresh lemonade, popsicles (pictured above is Lily chowing on a homemade yogurt pop). I could go on. But I’m getting hungry. So, must wrap up and grab a snack.

Here are some peaches that Lily picked out on our exciting (read: disastrous) adventure to the farmers market:

peachesAnd these lovelies are Laura’s famous fridge pickles:

fridge picklesWhat do you love to eat during the summer? Are you a farmers market regular?

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  1. Do Margaritas and Daiquiris count? Because I love them on a hot, summery day! 🙂

    Cute pic of Lili! Making popsicles is so fun!!

  2. How I miss this!? Anyway, we have a friend who makes pickles and OMG they are to die for!

    And, popsicles are must for summer!

  3. Lily is a cutie!
    I love the farmers market and try to go weekly if not more than once a week.

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