Capture the Everyday: Lily's favorite outfit

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Gone are the days of dressing my kid.


Gone are the days of sweet dresses, shorts and shirts that match, denim, corduroy.

Now that she’s three, Lily calls all the wardrobe shots. In fact, there’s no arguing it in the morning. What she picks goes, despite my best efforts to sneak in a ruffly skirt or, heaven forbid, sandals instead of her requisite socks-and-sneakers combo.

And her criteria are pretty simple: soft, stretchy and pockets. Pockets are big.

We’ve been rotating through the same dozen pieces this summer. And pictured above is one of her most creative masterpieces: flowers, plaid, stripes. A swirl of patterns and colors finished off with her most favorite rainbow sneakers.

She is a vision, indeed. Don’t you love it?

Will your kids let you dress them? I’m especially curious to hear from other mamas of little girls!

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  1. You know I’m a big fan of Lily’s wardrobe choices. I actually read that mismatched patterns are the next big thing in fashion. It works on a 3 year old, not sure I can recommend it for adults!

    • Well how about that? She’s a trendsetter! 🙂

  2. I have to agree with her criteria… soft, stretchy and pockets are big in my wardrobe

  3. Love this! She looks adorable. Her nail polish matches her shorts. I can tell you that Collin will wear anything…that is, if we can convince him to even put on clothes.

  4. Totally cute. Love how she’s giggling about it too.

  5. When my son turned 3 he refused my outfits and it was basically nothing with collars and no fancy (including boat) shoes. My daughter would wear a tutu skirt everyday if I let her. She’s 21 months and we are just entering the fit over clothes. She also insists on wearing a necklace everyday.

    I love her tiny little colorful nails!!!

  6. I love that outfit! I ask Ian in the morning if he wants to pick his clothes or if he wants me to do it. It’s about half and half with him doing it or me. He actually matches about 90% of the time when he picks. But the selection of colors/patterns in boy clothes make it pretty easy to match no matter what.

  7. She looks gorgeous! I gave up the clothes fight with K a long time ago. As long as it’s weather appropriate (yes, we’ve had to fight over flannel/fleece in 100 degree weather), I let it go. Builds character and creativity…right?

  8. The only time that I argue with Catie about her wardrobe is if she goes for something that isn’t seasonally appropriate (i.e., no you cannot wear a sweatshirt and jeans when it’s 95 degrees outside). She doesn’t get as creative with her matching as Lily, probably because she doesn’t go for a lot of prints. She prefer denim shorts & any t-shirt that has a picture of an animal on it. And white socks with her pink Crocs. That’s pretty much her standard uniform.

    I do love Lily’s look, though. Girl has got some creative style for sure!

  9. Too cute! I have a similar pic of Esme’…she just recently quit letting me pic cloths for her…I love it! She wore stripped leg warmers, ballerina skid socks, with pink bloomers & a butterfly T-shirt to bed the other night & I said, if that’s what you want to sleep in, OK. Today she insisted on wearing underware to school…I’m looking forward to the bag of pee cloths that will be coming home with her today!

    Enjoy Lily’s cute style! She can pull off any look 🙂


  10. How fun! I work at a Hair School and this is how we dress everyday 😉 She is an artistic soul*

  11. She is totes in style, pattern mixing is all the rage! Plus, the way she is trying to contain the giggles is just too ridiculously cute:)

  12. i thought with a boy i was off the hook, but – nope! he wants to wear a soccer jersey everyday of the week. Too bad he only has three. Urgh!

  13. OMG her expression in that first picture is PRICELESS! That is totally frame worthy. LOVE IT!

    (PS: as a 2nd grade teacher I love when I can ask my students, “Did you dress yourself today?” Because holy cow it is WAY cute!)

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