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I took more than 500 photos last week at the beach. I have a problem. Clearly.

But I just can’t help it. With subjects like Lily and Sophie and my handsome fisher-husband, how can I resist?

Here’s the highlight reel from our wonderful, relaxing, heavenly, gluttonous vacation.



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  1. Keep it up mama you are doing an amazing job as a new mother of 2. Proud of you.

    • Thanks, lady! Miss your face.

  2. I could look at your photos all day.

  3. Oh. my. word.
    These pictures are wonderful!!!!

    I *love* the first one, the one with the dog & both girls, the one where Lily is squishing up her nose, the one where Lily is hugging Sophia, the fish, the one with grandma, the one on the rafts….

    Clearly, you do NOT have a problem, because not only are these some of the best pictures EVER, but they will be great for the girls to see in the years to come 🙂

    • Thank you for validating my obsession! No really. Your kind words just made my day.

  4. I believe you’ve missed your vocation! Suzanne ~ the Photographer! Beautiful….just beautiful!
    Aunt Maureen

  5. hi! i love your shots..i’m wondering what camera did you use? thanks :))

    • Hey Katrina — Thanks for stopping by! I use a Canon Rebel T1i. Got it on Amazon at a discount (and free shipping). Cheers! Suzanne

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