This isn't cute at all

08/19/2011 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Small Fry | 10 Comments
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Pony rides were part of summer camp at Lily’s daycare last week. She and “Peanut Butter” became fast friends.

When I saw these prints peeking through the clear cellophane envelope, I had to choke back a laugh. The pink cowgirl hat. The fringed vest. Her grin. I just … I can’t even.

This kid is too much.




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  1. oh.

  2. heart explosion of glitter & sprinkles!!!

  3. Oh my…I love this picture and I LOVE this day care. Where is this amazing place?

  4. ADORABLE! Don’t ever ever grow up!

  5. OMG! I love it. I’ll have to show you GG’s. It’s rediculous.

  6. Clearly, she’s going to ask for a pony soon!

  7. Oh my! How could you resist buying her a pony after seeing this???

  8. MY GOODNESS that is cute.

  9. First a bunny and now a pony?! Whatever happened to the podium and fake library or meadow scene and fake stump photo props?! Kids today…have it too good! =)

    • I know! I almost want to stage an intervention and roll up in there with my camera and the tackiest backdrop possible. Remember the fake library scene with the gigantor book?

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