Love to Zaria update (or how I'm stunned by overwhelming grace)

09/01/2011 at 6:47 am | Posted in Love to Zaria | 8 Comments
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That’s how much is in the Love to Zaria fund right now.

I burst into tears when I opened the PayPal account for a quick peek this morning. I just can’t get over the kindness and love and generosity flowing to Hope and her family.

From friends, family, neighbors, old classmates. From mothers, fathers, grandparents and families who have experienced similar grief. From perfect strangers.

THANK YOU. I simply can’t express enough how grateful I am.

The fundraiser also has some lovely new sponsors. Check them out:

kindness feels pretty necklace

"Kindness Feels Pretty" necklace // ssd jewelry

gold leaf crosses and heart

Gold and silver leaf crosses and heart // Kaye Lambert Sculpture

angel baby bath and body products

Angel Baby bath and body products // Earth Mama Angel Baby

beaded bracelet

$25 gift certificate // It's a Blessing

I’m not finished yet, you guys. This giveaway is live for three whole weeks. And I’m pumped.

Let’s go for $5,000.

Can you imagine how much that would help this family? Especially as they face the daunting move back East, the search for a new home, the adjustment to a new “normal.”

Thank you. For donating, blogging, emailing, tweeting, posting to Facebook, calling, texting, clicking the little “like” button at the bottom of these posts.


Let’s keep going!

Love to Zaria


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  1. God is so good!!!! Can’t wait to hear the total when it’s all over!!!! If it’s blowing you away already…can you just imagine?????

  2. SO amazing!!!!

  3. I haven’t been around all week and just read the back posts. You are an incredible woman for taking the charge to help your friends. God bless you and prayers to them. I shared on FB and hope your goals just keep being raised.

    • Thank you, Korinne. I really appreciate your kind words … and your help sharing their story.

  4. Just found my way here from the other Suzanne (@bebehblog) and wanted to thank you for being such a generous and caring woman. I was certainly glad to donate what little I could to help Hope and her family out, what a heart wrenching story. Thank you for having such an open heart!

  5. How wonderful! Such great news.

  6. That is amazing!! Suzanne, you are an angel to organize all of this for them.

  7. Zaria’s story touched me – she was such a fighter. My heart goes out to the girls’ family. I donated to the fund for them.

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