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Good morning and happy Labor Day!

Before Lily and I head out, I want to share a comment from Luke that I just discovered in the blog. I’ll be back later with our fundraising update and some wonderful new prizes.

Thank you, everyone, for your generosity. It continues to overwhelm.

From Luke:

Thank you so much Suzanne for creatively calling in all of this support for our family. While there is at this time a lot of pain and confusion due to the loss of Abigail and Zaria it is such an amazing and humbling experience to read your posts and the comments of so many people who have given of themselves. Even as we sit three thousand miles from our home we feel completely supported not only by our friends and family but also by a huge community of people (mostly complete strangers) who read our story and actively responded from the fullness of their hearts. Thank you…all of you for letting us know that we are not alone.



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  1. Oh I’m so glad it’s helping and the word is spreading. I’ve seen Zaria’s name on a lot of blogs this past week!

  2. *Love and prayers

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