Four months old

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I want to eat this face.

Seriously. I give her cheek-hickies all the time.

And I’m in awe of the fact that she is four months old today.

I feel like we’ve survived a battle, her and me, and come out on the other side relatively unscathed and totally in love with each other.

I was so scared of taking her home from the hospital. Scared of her tiny, fragile body. Scared of her cries. Terrified that history would repeat itself and I’d get sucked into the rabbit hole of postpartum depression.

But it didn’t happen. I survived. And so did she.

And here we are, four months later, waving hello to a milestone that I once thought would take forever to reach.

In the blink of an eye is more like it.

She is smiling, chuckling, rolling. Her face lights up with recognition of the people she loves. She is grabbing toys and shoving them into her mouth. Her thighs are ringed with oh-so-delicious rolls. And her hair is starting to get thin on the sides, just like big sister’s did.

She makes me immeasurably happy.

Happy four months, sweet Sophie girl.



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  1. Those eyes & that chin!! Adorable 🙂

  2. She is beautiful! So happy for you both!

  3. So much hair! Noah would pay big bucks for just half that much hair.
    She’s so cute!

  4. She is precious! And just look at those eyes!!

  5. Amazing! Happy celebration of four happy months!

  6. Happy 4 Months to your little one! She doesn’t look like any other baby in this world and she is so bright eyed and perfect! You can see in your daughters eyes they have the best momma!

  7. Her expressions kill me. Such a beautiful girl! And where did the last 4 months go?!

  8. Miss you so much!!!!!!

  9. congratulations! you are a fighter , miss sophie!

    • Sophie says thank you! And ::drool::

  10. Those cheeks, they are just. too. much.

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