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This is Lily’s nightstand.

Every time I think about swiping my hand across it and dumping the whole lot into one of her toy bins, I stop cold. These are her special possessions. The little things that she’s been carrying around in her pockets (or her hands) for days straight. She knows exactly what’s on that table and if anything goes missing.

So I repress my inner Virgo and leave it be.

Lily has stashes all over the house. Here’s one of the drawers in our playroom:

This kid keeps everything. If it once had a wrapper, she keeps it. The backing to a sheet of stickers that have long been stuck elsewhere? I don’t dare throw it away. The tiny plastic bubble-cups that house treasures from the gumball machine? Our house is littered with them. And their lids.

She’s my little hoarder.

I know there’s a complex psychology behind young children and their possessions. But to me, it’s just a neat reflection of who she is and what makes her happy.

What sorts of oddball things do your kids keep? What do you do with it all?


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  1. Catie wants to keep everything too, which drives me BONKERS. Even down to the packaging. Oh, and her favorite place to put “used” stickers? Is on my bathroom cabinet doors. Which is especially nice since we’re trying to sell the house & keep it in “showable” condition.

    My solution is to have about a million toy bins. You know those giant metal tins of popcorn that you get at Christmas? We have about 4 of them filled with various tiny treasures, plus 2 huge wicker toy boxes. It just… explodes out of everywhere. I don’t know what to do with it all.

  2. Mine is too little but apparently when I was small I had a pig shaped duffel bag, of which the contents were a secret. It had to go everywhere we went and if anyone even looked like they were going to open it I would get really upset. One day when I was sleeping my parents decided to go through it. It contained sink plugs, dead batteries, some toys, dirty underpants, sticker backs (like lily!) and more along those lines..

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